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SC: Garage Sale from Hell

Garage Sale from Hell

Inspired by Ria Hawk’s Mirror of Doom, this thread is for items that could be found in a Garage Sale from Hell.


It all started innocently enough. Ria and I were talking about one of her posts, trying to figure out how said item would effect The Lord.

MoonHunter sayeth: “Imagine all the crap a secret Evil Cultist would have. They might have some obviously “Evil” items hidden somewhere in the house. However, most of his Evil Cultist stuff would be “innocent” in appearance, but have Evil Magic properties. Then imagine said cultist dying, for some reason (an adventurer incident). What happens to all that stuff?

I mean, if the Evil Cultist was a respectable person. They would have an “estate”. After they die, many of these things would be in an estate sale was from a fine upstanding citizen like a Mayor, Guild Master, or Local Industrialist, Cousin of the King, (you get the idea). Innocent people come into possession of these things. They don’t know they are “Evil” or what magical properties they have. “

Ria: “You mean they have a Garage Sale from Hell? wahahaha… So many evil things to play with. If the people who buy these things also die, it could spread the items around, causing all kinds of chaos.”

Cue Evil Laughs

The Rules for Items in this Thread
1) The items should be something that someone should be able to innocently buy and not expect it to be Evil. So no skull cups, no blood encrusted blades, and human thigh bones.

2) The items can be cursed, “gifts” that the Evil Cultist had to further their own goals.

3) The item can be part of their “Evil Cultist Toolkit”, things the Evil Cultist had to make doing their Evil easier.

4) The item can be “left over” from an Evil Scheme, so it might have the bound demon in it, or might be something they used earlier in their career, but no longer have.

And there we go. Have Fun

Magic/Cursed Properties
Lets not go overboard with the magical powers. If the items were “SO POWERFUL” the other Evil Cultists would of scramble into the house and steal it before it could be lost to The Evil Cult.

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? Responses (17)

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The Garage Sale from Hell thread is one of my favourite threads on the forum.

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I love this topic but it is surprisingly hard to come up with anything...

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Tariel, I know what you mean. It is hard to create items that look innocuous but were secretly used by Evil Cultists.

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We have been misquoted


This is the yard sale of evil thread from RPG.NET. It is being played for laughs, rather than a serious concept. Their yard sale is obviously from an Evil Being, rather than ours which is from a secretly Evil Cultist.

I like this one from their list...

A cardboard box full of assorted old computer parts: a monochrome monitor, a 300 baud modem, a dot-matrix printer, a tape drive, a cassete tape labelled 'DO NOT PLAY'. Each piece comes from a different computer system. However, when assembled, the franken-system immediately dials out on the 300-baud modem and connect to a mysterious remote system. The next day, when you return from work, the system has newly installed pieces, each as old and odd as the first. If you try to unplug the computer, you are electrocuted. If you use the computer, you find files of secret surveillance photos of you in the bathroom or your girlfriend's house, or your parents having sex. Even if you smash the computer with a baseball bat and throw it away, when you return home the next day it is visibly repaired and returned to your home, now with even more parts. Eventually, the computer takes over your entire home and begins to assemble a robot body.

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There are many good ideas in the original forum thread that were 'too short' or 'too incomplete' for me to transfer. If you posted one of those ideas, feel free to go look for it and submit a 'beefed up' version.

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Well, those could be posted as Scroll entries.

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Actually I would prefer not. Most of the available and suitable 'scroll' entries are actually in the various 'lots' (14 and 15). Those were all the really good, non silly ideas (rubber chicked, my parents went to hell and all I got was a t-shirt, and a few others that were deleted). Lets see if we can get people to make more minor magical items (or even some major ones) that fit the thread.

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This certainly deserves a BUMP, considering the recent uptick in talented, newly-joined Citadelians, who might not have come across this gem yet. Look at all those linked entries. Stupendous!

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Every time I see this, I want to start a game modeled after the old 'Friday the 13th' TV series (Not the lame slasher films of the same name). I can see the Player Characters stumbling onto information that a number of items, scattered after their owner died, are spreading chaos in every corner of the land.

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Been there, done that, great idea. Though my inspiration for the game was the old TV show 'IN SEARCH OF', it is a great format for a game. The team investigates looking for evil things all in an attempt to save a loved one AND prevent the world from coming to an end by reducing the amount of Evil Magic in the world. Fun.

Used the old Bureau 13/ Tri-tac system (like a good employee).


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This is one of the best Codices on this website! 5.0

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This submission is great. Nuff said.

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Great collection. Trying to add my latest item ( # 6090 ) to this, but I can't figure out how.

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I know an item of mine or two were linked back to this years ago but I never really came here to look at this until now. I wish I had. Now I have a bundle of goodies to use to throw in bedside table drawers and office desks that no one would even think of. Marvelous.

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I have been linking this on other sites, because it is so topical for an Urban Fantasy or straight Fantasy campaign.

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This is an amazing codex with lots of nifty items. There is no reason for it to remain static either! Bring on your cultish paraphernalia!

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