Garage Sale from Hell

Inspired by Ria Hawk’s Mirror of Doom, this thread is for items that could be found in a Garage Sale from Hell.


It all started innocently enough. Ria and I were talking about one of her posts, trying to figure out how said item would effect The Lord.

MoonHunter sayeth: “Imagine all the crap a secret Evil Cultist would have. They might have some obviously “Evil” items hidden somewhere in the house. However, most of his Evil Cultist stuff would be “innocent” in appearance, but have Evil Magic properties. Then imagine said cultist dying, for some reason (an adventurer incident). What happens to all that stuff?

I mean, if the Evil Cultist was a respectable person. They would have an “estate”. After they die, many of these things would be in an estate sale was from a fine upstanding citizen like a Mayor, Guild Master, or Local Industrialist, Cousin of the King, (you get the idea). Innocent people come into possession of these things. They don’t know they are “Evil” or what magical properties they have. “

Ria: “You mean they have a Garage Sale from Hell? wahahaha… So many evil things to play with. If the people who buy these things also die, it could spread the items around, causing all kinds of chaos.”

Cue Evil Laughs

The Rules for Items in this Thread
1) The items should be something that someone should be able to innocently buy and not expect it to be Evil. So no skull cups, no blood encrusted blades, and human thigh bones.

2) The items can be cursed, “gifts” that the Evil Cultist had to further their own goals.

3) The item can be part of their “Evil Cultist Toolkit”, things the Evil Cultist had to make doing their Evil easier.

4) The item can be “left over” from an Evil Scheme, so it might have the bound demon in it, or might be something they used earlier in their career, but no longer have.

And there we go. Have Fun

Magic/Cursed Properties
Lets not go overboard with the magical powers. If the items were “SO POWERFUL” the other Evil Cultists would of scramble into the house and steal it before it could be lost to The Evil Cult.


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Article Codex

Egg Cup of Summoning By: ephemeralstability
Items • Home/ Personal • Magical

This looks like an elaborately fashioned wooden egg-cup, but it is a powerful magical tool, used mainly by witches to conjure up spirits and familiars.

The Paintings of Marcus Diellus By: Ria Hawk
Items • Art and Music • Cursed

It is said that Marcus Diellus was an artistic genius. It is true that his paintings are magnificent, but they also have a dark secret.

The Mirror of Doom By: Ria Hawk
Items • Home/ Personal • Cursed

It was a beautiful thing, a full length mirror in an elaborate gilt frame. But horror and madness followed it.

Sadist Dagger By: CirrusWind
Items • Melee Weapons • Villanous

A dagger with a thirst for blood... but only a little at a time.

Mask Cloak By: manfred
Items • Clothes • Magical

Getting the favour of a Necromancer, and asking for a magical cloak? Sure, why not.

Child-Eyed Fluffy By: EchoMirage
Items • Other • Cursed

Another scary child's toy...

Book of Eventful Evenings By: CaptainMayday
Items • Books and Scrolls • Sentient

A slightly worn looking, and rather thin book. Its cover is red, but also holds some inset jewels, and the words 'Eventful Evenings with Magic' written on the cover in gold leaf. While not a misnomer, it is interestingly deceptive.

The Doll House By: Monument
Items • Other • Magical

The Doll House holds what you would expect it to hold, dolls. With one minor detail.

The Caedea By: Scrasamax
Items • Clothes • Villanous

The teeth of a hungry wolf.
The blood of a murderer.
The cloth of a false saint's burial shroud.

All of these things and more are used in the creation of a Caedea.

Amulet of the Damned By: Mourngrymn
Items • Jewelry • Magical

‘I told Sir Ursus not to take the amulet, to leave it be in it's resting place. But he would not listen. We now trek to his place of hiding to remove the amulet and return it, and to destroy that which Ursus has become. '

- Arch-Danath Maccalas of the Dark Step Tribe

The Stolen Items By: MoonHunter
Items • Other • Villanous

'Hey! That's Mine!' 'Well, you can not prove that. However, we are selling it today.'

Crystal of Soul Possession By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

This crystal looks like just another babble, like a multifaceted lead glass paperweight found in any stationary store. This hides its sinister purpose

The Signet Ring of the House Malenti By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

The Signet Ring of the House Malenti (minor noble house) has more than a minor political power associated with it. It 'seals the soul' of any it touches (with intent).

Estate Sale - Lot 14 By: MoonHunter
Items • Other • Villanous

'And now Ladies, Lords, and Gentlemen,' I bring your attention to Lot 14. This is hodgepodge of personal effects that I am sure you will find interesting. If you see anything that peaks your interest, buy it and the entire lot for cheap. Now I start the bidding at .....'

Estate Sale - Lot 15 By: Scrasamax
Items • Other • Villanous

'And now Ladies, Lords, and Gentlemen,' I bring your attention to Lot 15. This is nice collection of goods that I am sure you will find interesting. If you see anything that peaks your interest, buy it and the entire lot for cheap. Now I start the bidding at .....'

A Class Ring By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

The ring was an item he was always wearing; innocuous enough that no one would question it. It became his perfect tool of power.

The Guilded Crucifix By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

The crucifix (or insert holy pendant of your good mainstream religion of choice) is fairly old, more elaborate than normal, and would usually only be worn by someone of great piety or a female of some piety.

The Mask of Sebak By: CaptainPenguin
Items • Other • Non-Magical

This is a large, heavy mask of Ahursian make, made with tarnished gold and lapiz-lazuli, as well as ivory. It has the appearance of a great crocodile head.

Pillow of Sleep By: MoonHunter
Items • Home/ Personal • Magical

It is a nice fluffy pillow, filled with soft down, covered in a soft, nice fabric. It is soooo comfortable. *yawn* You could just nod offffff when layyyying on .......... *snore*

Chamberpot of Holy Blessings By: MoonHunter
Items • Home/ Personal • Magical

Nobody calls it a Chamberpot of Holy Blessings. It is just another chamberpot. It is a secret item, nobody actually knows it exists.

The Cutting Board of Decay By: Tariel
Items • Home/ Personal • Villanous

The cutting board is made of wood and there are pictures of apples etched to the corners. This item is somewhat cursed

A Lucky Piece By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

Note From MoonHunter: I finally found the one piece we have been missing from the Garage Sale from Hell thread this entire time. A magic item that every covert Evil Cultist and Demon worshiper must have... a lucky piece.

Statues of Calvinus By: MoonHunter
Items • Art and Music • Villanous

Calvinus was one of the finest sculpters known to history. While he performed many an exceptional pieces of historical figures, he is best known for his 'inspired' pieces - pieces he created out of his own memory. He said he would go into his studio alone, then just 'bang out' a piece without break. This process explains his prodigeous output. There are several dozen exceptionally lifelike women (and a few men). Most are beautiful and scantily clothed, but his 'Old Washer Woman' is a master piece. Many countries consider Statues by Calvinus to be national treasures.

Cameo of the Circle's Queen By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

'This? It is pretty isn't it? No it is not new. My mother had it.'

Riding Crop of Command By: MoonHunter
Items • Other • Villanous

'He looks so regal in his riding gear, carrying his riding crop.' 'He looks good without it. He always carries his crop too. He just loves riding.'

Pet's Collar By: MoonHunter
Items • Clothes • Villanous

'Heel!' 'Roll over!' 'Sit!' 'Sit Up!' 'Beg!' 'Speak!' Cue Evil Laugh.

Knife of Meat-Loving By: Maggot
Items • Tools • Cursed

A well crafted but otherwise ordinary steak knife. It makes the cutting of meat sooooooo easy.

Vridian gold By: Kinslayer
Items • Materials • Cursed

'Gold. GOLD. GOLD! Beautiful, wonderous, Gold! I am Rich I tell you. I am the luckiest man alive!'

Retirement Plan Ring By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

Being alligned with Evil does tend to make the afterlife a little less appealing. Unless one can somehow claw their way up the heirarchy immediately, one should be looking towards a long, long, long, time of torture and servitude to greater spirits, before any chance of reincarnation will occur. One of the first things Smart Evil Cultists and Priests learn is how to avoid final death.

Mask for the Theater of Cruelty By: MoonHunter
Items • Clothes • Villanous

Will the mask smile for you or frown? Do you know who you are? Do you really?

Locket of Will Capture By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

'It is just a locket for portraits of loved ones. It is quite old, but I will sell it to you for cheap. '

A Holy Book - 1 By: MoonHunter
Items • Books and Scrolls • Villanous

It appears to be a very nice holy book of the dominant good faith, the kind that his passed down from generation to generation. The binding is leather and quite plain, but the inside is nicely scribed and occasionally illuminated. A pity that it will lead you down the Path of Darkness the moment you understand its secret.

Doorman's Tapestry By: MoonHunter
Items • Home/ Personal • Magical

It appears to be an older, above average quality taptestry. The subject is unimportant, so some are religious, others are landscapes, others portaits of kings/ queens, some portray ancient cities. However, you can lose yourself in one.

An Old Codex By: MoonHunter
Items • Books and Scrolls • Non-Magical

This Codex is sealed in either a tube or box, containing some works of great age. The scrolls and papers will be of a language of great antiquity. These scrolls are cut up and pressed flat into a leafed book, called a codex. While the works are not magical, they might as well be, for they can change the world.

Chess Journal By: MoonHunter
Items • Books and Scrolls • Villanous

'It is your move.'

The Tube of Red Lipstick By: MoonHunter
Items • Home/ Personal • Villanous

It is just a tube of make up. Why is it in a locked chest?

A Large Wood Jewelry Box with NickNacks in it By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Magical

'Where do all those marvelous toys go?!'

Legends of "On True Power" By: MoonHunter
Items • Books and Scrolls • Villanous

Exerpt from the Introduction:
I know the ultimate weapon. Humans commit folly after folly because they are afraid. Fear was once Humankind's most powerful ally, giving enormous potency to the instinct for suvival. Now, fear has become Humankind's greatest enemy, and such is the obtusemenss of my species that is members do not realize it is the most powerful element of Human existance.

A Box of Children's Toys By: MoonHunter
Items • Other • Villanous

It is a box of fairly standard children's toys. There are dolls, blocks, carved knights and animals. Everyone will think, 'Oh I had one of those when I was young.'

Memory Book By: MoonHunter
Items • Books and Scrolls • Villanous

It is a personal journal tucked away in an library. It appears as an ordinary journal or diary from the outside and inside. In the spine or binding there is always a tiny strip of metal that other components and symbols are attached. Yet there is more, if you read carefully.

Cloaks of Misfortune By: MoonHunter
Items • Clothes • Villanous

At the estate sale of one wealthy merchant, a seamstress found several lengths of black silk cord, the kind that is used for trim and piping. A local seamstress purchased those odd lengths and the remaining bolt cheap and turned out two or three cloaks using the thin black silk cord as trim. An evil seems to follow them, though nobody knows it.

Beautiful Hair Ribbons By: MoonHunter
Items • Jewelry • Villanous

These simple ribbons caused the near destruction of an entire town. And, the ribbons did nothing wrong.

Ring of Procrastination By: Cheka Man
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

It is a good looking ring. It is handsome and worth quite a bit.

Bit and Bridle of Horsemanship By: MoonHunter
Items • Transports • Magical

It was a fine harness and reins. The leather was soft and well tooled. The bit was so shiney one thought it could be silver. It looked like no bit and bridle that he had ever seen. Yet, it seemed familiar, like he had heard stories about this before.

Sekkitan blood diamonds By: Dozus
Items • Jewelry • Cursed

'In the Black, dead souls creep
Seeking vengence without sleep.
Sacrificed for precious stones,
Rend they now flesh and bones.
Bloody staind and drenched in tears,
Stones cry out to one who hears,
‘Treachery has sown the seeds!
Now you'll be the one who bleeds!
Wear us well, you who brave,
Next you'll be in the grave!''
- Tas-Vessina's curse

The Mourner's Cloak By: Wulfhere
Items • Clothes • Cursed

None could deny that the Torner the Fearless' heartbroken widow did mourning well.

Blissmort Toxin By: Wulfhere
Items • Potion • Cursed

The drink was a rare vintage with a light, fruity aroma, but one glass was not enough. It left the drinker craving something more...

The Vintage of Despair By: Wulfhere
Items • Potion • Cursed

The Connoisseurs of the land would remember Vigo Telaggio's masterpiece, but not in the way he'd intended...

Devouring Beds By: Scrasamax
Items • Home/ Personal • Villanous

A handsome bed set, obviously expensive and likely both old, and imported.

One man's plush toy... By: Grey
Plots • Discovery • Side-Quest

Buttons, how could you?

The Waresian Armoire By: Scrasamax
Items • Other • Cursed

The Waresian Armoire dates back to the height of the kingdom of Waresia, a period known for it's love of baroque and the macabre

An Ordinary Flashbulb Camera By: Chaosmark
Items • Other • Villanous

"And 3..2..1..Smile!" *flash* *thump* "Mwahaha."

Altar of Grilling By: MysticMoon
Items • Tools • Villanous

Once the source of power for a cult now scattered, this item acts as both sacrificial altar and food grill.

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The Garage Sale from Hell thread is one of my favourite threads on the forum.

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I love this topic but it is surprisingly hard to come up with anything...

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Tariel, I know what you mean. It is hard to create items that look innocuous but were secretly used by Evil Cultists.

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We have been misquoted

This is the yard sale of evil thread from RPG.NET. It is being played for laughs, rather than a serious concept. Their yard sale is obviously from an Evil Being, rather than ours which is from a secretly Evil Cultist.

I like this one from their list...

A cardboard box full of assorted old computer parts: a monochrome monitor, a 300 baud modem, a dot-matrix printer, a tape drive, a cassete tape labelled 'DO NOT PLAY'. Each piece comes from a different computer system. However, when assembled, the franken-system immediately dials out on the 300-baud modem and connect to a mysterious remote system. The next day, when you return from work, the system has newly installed pieces, each as old and odd as the first. If you try to unplug the computer, you are electrocuted. If you use the computer, you find files of secret surveillance photos of you in the bathroom or your girlfriend's house, or your parents having sex. Even if you smash the computer with a baseball bat and throw it away, when you return home the next day it is visibly repaired and returned to your home, now with even more parts. Eventually, the computer takes over your entire home and begins to assemble a robot body.

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There are many good ideas in the original forum thread that were 'too short' or 'too incomplete' for me to transfer. If you posted one of those ideas, feel free to go look for it and submit a 'beefed up' version.

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Well, those could be posted as Scroll entries.

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Actually I would prefer not. Most of the available and suitable 'scroll' entries are actually in the various 'lots' (14 and 15). Those were all the really good, non silly ideas (rubber chicked, my parents went to hell and all I got was a t-shirt, and a few others that were deleted). Lets see if we can get people to make more minor magical items (or even some major ones) that fit the thread.

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This certainly deserves a BUMP, considering the recent uptick in talented, newly-joined Citadelians, who might not have come across this gem yet. Look at all those linked entries. Stupendous!

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Every time I see this, I want to start a game modeled after the old 'Friday the 13th' TV series (Not the lame slasher films of the same name). I can see the Player Characters stumbling onto information that a number of items, scattered after their owner died, are spreading chaos in every corner of the land.

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Been there, done that, great idea. Though my inspiration for the game was the old TV show 'IN SEARCH OF', it is a great format for a game. The team investigates looking for evil things all in an attempt to save a loved one AND prevent the world from coming to an end by reducing the amount of Evil Magic in the world. Fun.

Used the old Bureau 13/ Tri-tac system (like a good employee).

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This is one of the best Codices on this website! 5.0

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This submission is great. Nuff said.

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Great collection. Trying to add my latest item ( # 6090 ) to this, but I can't figure out how.

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I know an item of mine or two were linked back to this years ago but I never really came here to look at this until now. I wish I had. Now I have a bundle of goodies to use to throw in bedside table drawers and office desks that no one would even think of. Marvelous.

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I have been linking this on other sites, because it is so topical for an Urban Fantasy or straight Fantasy campaign.

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This is an amazing codex with lots of nifty items. There is no reason for it to remain static either! Bring on your cultish paraphernalia!