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Table test

Homer say what? When?

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Artillery Litter

Orginally found in the Wastelands, Artillery Litters are Frankenmech creations designed to carry the rarest of wasteland weapons into battle, artillery.

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Hyalopterous Mobility Suit

An unusual mode of transport put to a variety of tasks

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The 'Elder Scrolls' opening.

Named after the fact that each Elder Scrolls game begins in a similar fashion.

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Mongol Armored Motorcycle

A primitive solution for an ancient problem

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Cheka Man's

Sleigh of the Storm


The Altar Of R'gu
Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - What Makes a Weapon Magic

What Makes a Weapon magic?

And for that matter, what makes any item magic?

What imbues our swords with supernatural cleaving abilities?

Who allows our maces to smash through stone?

Why do our spears hum with bloodlust?

Where does one find this wondrous font of MAGIC?

How exactly are these weapons created?

Well? Now we will find out! We invite you to join Strolen's Winter Quest! Each entry will be awarded an additional 10XP!

The winners will be chosen in the first weeks of the coming New Year. Be the first 'winner' of 2008! For easy reference and further detail see the What Makes a Weapon Magic submission by one of our esteemed authors, MichaelJotneSlayer. Good Luck to All!

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