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test quest for quests - villians

test quest for quests

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Quest for Quests

Quest for Quests Description

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Quest testes in July

I don't like testes

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Wanted to test a new one first

Testing a new one first

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Active Quest
Quest for Quests

Our time of trials is not yet ended but there is still much to do for all. The Citadel has gone through many quests over the years, some more successful than others. Over time, one thing has remained true: nobody has yet to complete all the Quests. It may be a feat that is never accomplished. But, for the next 2 months, that will be our goal. 

Let this Quest for Quests drive you to enter a Legacy Quest that has peaked your interest. At the end of the time, we will a random draw for more cash prizes. The more Legacy Quests you join, the more chance you have to win. Exact award amounts to be determined but will be no less than $150 to be distributed. You will be rewarded through comments, XP and, perhaps, even cash.

Legacy Quest
Legacy Quest
Quest - The Shards of the Storm

First Official Quest 12 week long quest with 10XP award per post. To get things really started here on new Strolen's I dug into the archives and recovered Siren no Orakio's old request for fresh ideas on the Shards of the Storm. The quest is as follows: What non-weapon can you make of the Shards of the Storm? Who among us can craft the most ingenious idea spawned from Siren's old masterpiece? Originally posted by Siren no Orakio:

Some time ago, I posted up the Shards of the Storm. In essence, they are fragments of a goddess's essense, containing a piece of the driven fury of the concept of the Storm. Much of their purpose, from a GMing point of view, is to provide a common thread for items of power. So? So, so far I have only been able to come up with two not-weapon items to make out of these, and I'd like to see what better minds than mine can do with them.

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