Full Item Description
It appears to be an older, above average quality taptestry. The subject is unimportant, so some are religious, others are landscapes, others portaits of kings/ queens, some portray ancient cities. They seem to collect more dust than everything around them. Even a exceptional servant will not be able to keep it perfectly pristine.

Magic/Cursed Properties
If you duck behind said tapestry, hiding like a child in the drapes, you will 'disapear'. Anyone looking down the hall will see the tapestry hanging normally and no feet will be appearing from behind it. If you lift the tapestry and look behind it, nothing will be there.. though you might be able to hear the breathing or noise the person behind the tapestry is making. You can even wave your arm behind the tapesty and nothing will be there. It only work if you hide behind it.

If you tear the tapestry down or cut it/ burn it, the person behind the tapestry will 'fall out'.

The person hiding behind the tapestry sees nothing but the tapestry's back. (If two or so hide back there, they can see each other). They can see the hand print of someone touching the tapestry through the back. If they make a good listen/ perception die roll, they can hear the muted sounds around the tapestry.

The item hides anyone behind it and appears as if no one is there.

While this was created for the Garage Sale from Hell, this is not an Evil Cultist item per say, but it is something they have use for. It is a general magic item, that comes in dozens of forms and formulas. It's other use is for noble homes, who would need these to hide from raiders or while sneaking about. And unofficially, it is a thieves best friend. In fact, some thieves have been known to send future victims these tapestries (under the guise of normal tapestries), so they can later sneak in and hide in them while doing more extravagent roberies.

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