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Creativity Within a Structure

There are in general a whole bunch of scroll and codices that have been tagged by Moonlake's Scroll Addition favourite list and Valadaar's Lists You Simply Must Contribute to that would benefit from more additions. Below are just a few more examples of these work that can always more additions.

City Image

Every city (or town or village) expresses its personality (or the cultural personality of its people) and its identity through its buildings, roads, and other pieces of engineering. They are permanent expressions of the local culture.

  • Rule: The City's descriptions should be about the buildings, walls, roads, and how the city looks. Interwoven with that should be hints about the culture and society here. These are not your normal write ups telling us everything. In these posts, you have to show, not tell.

5 Room Dungeon

Tips on how to create five room dungeons that can be used for any location, are short, are quick to plan, easy to polish and plan, flexible in size and easy to integrate into your campaign.

  • Rule: Room #1: Entrance and Guardian. #2: Puzzle or Roleplaying Challenge. #3: Trick or Setback. #4: Climax, Big Battle or Conflict. #5: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist.

Garage Sale From Hell

I mean, if the Evil Cultist was a respectable person. They would have an 'estate'. After they die, many of these things would be in an estate sale was from a fine upstanding citizen like a Mayor, Guild Master, or Local Industrialist, Cousin of the King, (you get the idea). Innocent people come into possession of these things. They don't know they are 'Evil' or what magical properties they have.

  • Rules: The items should be something that someone should be able to innocently buy and not expect it to be Evil. So no skull cups, no blood encrusted blades, and human thigh bones. (There are 3 more rules but this is the most important)

Societies, Guilds, and Groups

A great listing of names and short descriptions as well as fleshed out groups/ societies/ and organizations.

  • Rules: It is prefered if the group is actually fleshed out and described in some depth. Even the most basic guild can have some detail that makes it special. However, if you just have an idea or a simple name, add it to the scroll of Societies, Guilds, and Groups.


Every city, town, or large village will have businesses. Some will be inns, some stores, some people providing a service. They are all places for characters to get what they need, spend money, and a chance for the GM to hook the PCs into a new plotline.

  • Rules: So we are looking for distinct establishments, ready to be pushed in a not-yet-complete place.


Similar to the City Image but getting into the weeds. Every city of any size is comprised of a number of neighborhoods/ districts/ wards/ quarters. Each of these areas may its own purpose, but will have their own personality and look.

  • Rules: We are looking for distinct parts of towns, ready to be pushed in a not-yet-complete town, possibly. Do not include neighborhood that are actually part of some other codex or are setting specific (i.e. could not be easily adapted to somewhere else)

The Rest of the Cast

This is the place for minor characters and extras.

  • Rules: These are just personalities and some minor skills ready to be thrown into your campaign. They are not highly detailed becaue they are just extras in the game.

But Great Artists Steal

A few years ago, on a mailing list far, far away, the members of the list discussed how to make good films into pulp-themed action adventures.

  • This post challenges you to pick a movie and turn it into a pulp classic. Some examples are there to get you started.

Writing Challenges

10 in 10

Ten Significant Posts in Ten Days

100 Word Submission

The 100 Word Submission is a writing format I've recently discovered online,( http://podcasting.isfullofcrap.com/ ) where authors submit 100 word stories spurred by a prompt much like the growing Freetext Friday plan. The idea has some merits and some flaws, and I would like to share my thoughts on it, and why the Citadel might be able to use it.

Bizzare Life-Forms Challenge

The Challenge: Think of any bizzare life-form, WHATEVER life-form that lives a not-so-standard way. Not the way common sense would expect it. Make it in some way logical or not, just forget the boring everyday logic.

Plain Old Submissions that Love Collaboration


The 30s. Submission of 30 (or more) quick ideas or fuller descriptions on a theme. Take a look at any of these titles that grab your curiosity and feel free to add an idea to them. They are ripe for collaboration!

51 Minor Mysteries

Side-quest-ish and open-ended to be sure. Short, sweet and insanely useful. Add your own!

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