1. Stopping at a road-side inn with no name, but with a sign that bears the design of a white cat, the PCs quickly realize that this inn is completely abandoned. After the PCs leave, they will notice that for the next ten days, a white cat seems to follow them, at a distance, retreating if approached. Occasionally they hear desperate meows.

2. The local priest is found behaving like a dog, while his pet tries to give the sunday sermon. The next morning everything is back to normal, and the priest remembers giving his sermon like any other day.

3. Two local taverns appear the same on the outside, but upon entering one, one finds that they have instead entered the other tavern. If questioned, both respected barkeeps look at the PCs as if they are crazy.

4. An animal companion, pet, or familiar of one of the PCs returns after running off for two days. The creature seems timid now, and cowers by night, whimpering and seemingly inconsolable.

5. While practicing swordsmanship one PC suddenly realizes that their shadow is no where to be seen! Days later, the same shadow-less PC hears tales in town, of some dark, 'shadowy' stranger that has been challenging all comers in duels, and looks somewhat like the PC.

6. A single wooden chair is sitting in the middle of a forest trail. A small carving on the seat says only 'Sit on me. But not for too long. The fates favor those who move along.'

7.  A PC finishes his mug of ale, and sees a coin at the bottom of his goblet. Removing and examining the coin, the PC notices the facial image on one side of the coin is his own.

8. The PCs return to their inn-rooms only to find that all of their stored possessions are gone. However, there is gold left behind, twice the value of the pilfered possessions.

9. Suddenly the horses the PCs are riding stop and refuse to go any further under any circumstance, despite any prodding and coaxing. Eventually the horses will resume their pace, but later that night the PCs notice all of the horses have gone blind.

10. While throwing dice at the gambling hall, a PC simply cannot lose, always rolling whatever is needed to win. Later that night, while counting his new found wealth, the PC is approached by a stranger who calmly demands half of the winnings for his 'help'.

11. A bird lands on a PCs shoulder and refuses to leave until after the characters leave a specific stretch of forest.

12. A strange coin makes its way into a PCs pocket. The next day it is in another PCs pocket, and so on, continuing to switch pockets until the mystery is solved.

13. Every night an ingot of metal appears next to the party's campfire. The ingot is of a strange metal that none of them recognize. Checking with a blacksmith days later, he claims to also be stumped.

14. The very end of a finely-made rapier has been crafted to resemble an actual key. Engraved on the hand-guard are the words, 'Open when red'.

15. About to crack a hard-boiled duck egg, the PC notices that the lattice-work of cracks on and along the boiled egg's surface form  the words, 'Eat me not. A world of wonder awaits.'

16. One of the PCs henchmen finds a fine looking shield and claims it. The shield's design is a painted, realistic-looking ornate door, slightly ajar, as if it is beckoning someone to enter. The npc becomes somewhat obsessed with the shield over the next few days. Her companions notice she simply stares at the door design, as if in a trance.

17. There's an uproar after all participants in an archery contest hit the bulls eye dead center. Every one. without fail. The Duke demands an explanation.

18. Travelers have felt themselves tapped on the shoulder along a certain trail, but every time they look, nobody is there. Wherever the PCs have been touched, there is small black mark, as if the spot was burned, yet no pain is felt.

19. The local magistrate's handwriting has suddenly become totally illegible, causing great distress among the populace, not to mention the magistrate. Days later it becomes apparent that anyone who can write in this town, cannot write anything legibly, writing instead in gibberish with childish strokes.

20. A single arrow strikes the local town hall bell daily, and nobody can identify who is firing it. It happens again and again for a month, yet the archer simply cannot be found. Nor can the shafts be identified.

21. A flock of sea-gulls keeps roosting atop the local temple's roof. Strangely, they always return if chased off. Even stranger, the nearest major body of water from this town is hundreds of miles away.

22. While rehearsing a spell for the following day, a wizard PC notices that one of her old, reliable spells suddenly has an extra line or two of verse, which she knows does not belong. Stranger still the added lines are in her own hand-writing.

23. Ants begin to follow only one specific PC. They are hardly noticeable, and are no bother, yet persist in following that one PC.

24. One night at the campfire, a wounded PC examines his blood-soaked bandages only to notice that the blood has seeped into the wrappings in such a way, that the stains resemble a map of some unknown complex or temple.

25. The church bell of a small town is suddenly loud enough to be heard up to many miles away. The next day it stops resonating and ringing all-together.

26. The PCs find a peculiar fist-sized, sandstone rock, that when handled seems to crumble along the edges, until it is worn down to a resemblance of a human heart. If put back down on the ground, the rock will resume its previous lumpy shape.

27. The PCs are resting in a town, when they learn that every child born on the same day of the year, is exactly identical, despite the fact that over twenty children have been born on that particular day, over the years.

28. A live squirrel is pulled from the town well. It is fat and well-fed, completely dry, and a bell is tied around its neck.

29. A goblet, when filled with clear liquid, reveals at its bottom, an image of a sea-floor, complete with over-flowing treasure chest, and fish swimming idly by.

30. A ship tied down in harbor is found atop city-hall hill the next morning, completely undamaged. The weather was absolutely clear, and no equipment large enough to move the ship exists in town.

31. Lately, a PC keeps hearing the word, 'Razmalax' mentioned in every conversation they have. Whenever the PC questions anyone they are speaking with, on the word, none of them remember using the term.

32. Lighting some incense the PCs find in some forgotten, abandoned temple, they notice that the smell of the incense changes over time, beginning with the odor of burning flesh, proceeding to the scent of lilacs, and finally smelling of sulfur as they burn out.

33. One night at the inn, the local bard is singing a bawdy, raunchy, and uproariously funny song, yet as they look around, the PCs notice all of the inn's patrons are looking forlorn, and  have tears welling up in their eyes.

34. One morning after a long night of drinking by the campfire, the PCs slowly discover that they are no longer speaking the same language as they did the day before, yet everyone is speaking the same different language.

35. A weird candlestick, discovered in a PCs backpack, grows larger by about an inch a day, for a month, at which point it begins shrinking by about an inch a day, until the cycle starts over again. The PC swears he didn't even have a candle in his backpack.

36. A set of chess pieces continually play the same game of chess over and over, always with the same result. If touched, the pieces stop moving entirely until placed back into the correct starting position.

37. A madman traveler along a road approaches the PCs and ask to purchase all of their foot-wear. He produces gold coin to prove he is serious. If rejected, he returns a few days later again, this time demanding the PCs foot-wear. If rejected a second time, he is never seen again.

38. PCs find an additional horse tied up along with the ones they already had. The extra horse is well-trained, well-behaved, yet bears no markings of ownership. It will act as a regular horse, but will go absolutely crazy over apples, completely ignoring the rider, running without pause through any kind of hazard (brambles, lava, waterfalls) until it finds them.

39. A spear is slowing 'flying' through town at a couple inches/hour. If touched, the spear stops, but nobody seems able to pull it out of the air. When released, it continues moving at the same speed as before.

40. Whenever a PC lights a torch, and looks into the flames, he sees the image of a fearsome, fire-swathed dragon, looking back at him menacingly.

41. A messenger arrives, and approaches the PCs with a message for the them. The message asks them 'Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like before?' Two days later, the same messenger appears, demanding a response.

42. An old crone calls to a PCs as they stroll along the main avenue of a large city. Nearing the old hag, one of the PCs notices that the crone is actually a long-lost sibling, yet dozens of years older than she should be.

43. Monks, traveling in line toward the some distant shrine in somber procession, pass the PCs on the road. One of the monks looks toward the PCs and in the hood they catch a glimpse the monk's visage, that of well-known local demonic entity, forked-tongue lolling from side-to-side.

44. Passing a cross-roads gallows, the PCs notice a hanging corpse and two crows sitting atop its dessicated shoulders picking away at the remains. As the PCs move past, they could swear that the birds begin mumbling in some garbled, human language.

45. A PC find an hourglass with some small, shiny object apparently hidden in the sands. Before the trinket could be seen for what it is, the hourglass always turns, burying the mysterious object in sand once more. If the hourglass is broken, and the sand spilled out, no shiny object can to found.

46. A scroll-message, carried by raven, arrives with orders from the local baron, but everyone who reads it claims to read instructions that contradict what someone else sees on the scroll. PCs likewise find contradictory messages when reading the scroll themselves.

47. Heavy rainfall lasts throughout the entire day, but when PCs camp out that night, one of them is found to be completely and utterly dry. The next day the weather is cold, yet this same PC cannot stop perspiring.

48. The PCs are approached by a woman claiming to be the aunt of one of the PC, whom he has never seen. She happily cooks supper for the party, while relating accurate stories of that particular PCs childhood and upbringing. She is gone at first light, wishing them a safe trip. The PCs have never met this woman before, and never encounter her again.

49. In a cavern the PCs notice that only the dwarf's voice echoes, while no one else's voice does. Even when the dwarf has long stopped talking, the echoes continue.

50. A primitive piano-like instrument begins playing the lost works of a dead composer inside a random inn one night. It continues playing the music non-stop until someone writes down the musical notes and lyrics to the arias. The piano then stops playing. Much later while traveling, the PCs learn to their surprise that whenever the composition notes are taken out and looked upon, the same composer's music begins playing somewhere overhead.

51. The winner of a jousting tournament is revealed to be a completely empty suit of plate armor.

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52. Small animals follow you and form a circle around you when you stop moving, staring at you. They stay 5 feet away, and move away if you try to approach.