Every city (or town or village) expresses its personality (or the cultural personality of its people) and its identity through its buildings, roads, and other pieces of engineering.

You can tell a lot about the city by looking around and seeing what is there. A GM can use these bits of description to help set the mood of the place you are adventuring in. This thread lists the various ways the city/ towns looks and perhaps why it looks that way.

All pieces for this scroll need to be labeled "City Images"

City Image-New City

The City's descriptions should be about the buildings, walls, roads, and how the city looks. Interwoven with that should be hints about the culture and society here. These are not your normal write ups telling us everything. In these posts, you have to show, not tell.

Note: If the given city does not have buildings, roads, and other pieces of engineering, like an Elven Tree City or a Mycorn underground city, they have things similar to them that serve similar functions. Post those here as well.

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