The Mug of Blood: Description

A ceramic coffee mug with a witty phrase scribed upon its surface. The glossy finish, and standard shape and design, is almost iconic enough to wake you up in the morning without the company of your favorite hot-brewed beverage. Be it coffee or tea, some people just need their caffeinated drink to get up and face the day.

But... What happens when your coffee gets to that lukewarm phase. That less-than-desirable bitter taste of java that just isn't hot enough anymore, but isn't cold enough to be as refreshing as an iced latte? That's when the Mug of Blood takes effect.


The Mug of Blood will, over time, turn any liquid you fill it with into the consistency and taste of blood. The closer the liquid is to room temperature, the stronger the effect. Extremely hot or cold beverages may taste the same as normal. However, once the liquid starts to cool off or warm up a little, the taste and color will become more like that of blood until it might as well be blood. It is not actually blood, and as such, it will not nourish a vampire or suffice in your sacrifices.

This is an item intended as a practical joke for a modernized game with some light magic. It should be relatively simple to transmute one liquid into another in most settings with magic. This effect, being permanently imbued into an item, is typically subject to more limitation. This submission was written with The Garage Sale From Hell on my mind. Enjoy!

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