Blood drips from blade to floor, as the party presses onwards, a grim set on their face as they trudge through the halls. Here, deep within the Lair of the Banished, there is no quarter, there is no capture. Only death. Weapons are held in hand, for the time it takes to draw them is the razor's edge between life and death. And before them is a great door. Is this the Hall of the Banished King? But that should be guarded... Even so, tis best to use what surprise they still have.

A grim look upon his face, the warrior's foot thunders into the door, sending it crashing open, while arcane power begins to cracle about his fellows fingertips... yet inside, there is no one. And as they step inside, only peace washes over them. As he looks about the room, the holy man with the party comes to his knees, as he murmers, 'My Gods, what has been done!'

This is a single, great room, and when encountered, it should be at first empty. It is clearly recognizable as a temple, though it is of crude construction, it is a well used temple. And it is clearly concencrated to whatever gods the party holds sacred. The party may use this place to rest a moment and tend their wounds, though, after too much time has passed, they will certainly be interrupted - but the Gods do not appreciate their children killing each other here. Enforce this with an appropriate curse - The breakage of weapons seems appropriate.

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