Full Item Description
A nondescript metal band worn by many monks and wise men. These bands are said to offer magical protection against poison and disease or otherwise keep the wearer healthy. The truth is much more practical.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Also known as a Lecher-bane Ring, it has the ability to numb certain points of the body (such as the hand or tongue) whenever the thought of a perverse action or utterance occurs in the wearer's head. It has proven to be very effective.

When a young man reaches for a pretty girl's bottom he will find his arm limp and unresponsive or when he tries to whistle at a passing maiden his lips will fail him.

It can only be removed by the Master that imbued it with his wisdom and over time the student will instinctively avoid such lecherous acts.

Since its development many years ago, this ring has become a popular gift from master to student upon accepted apprenticeship. It can only be created by a wise man or master monk who is enlightened enough to pass on his wisdom.

There are a few times of note when this ring has not been used as intended. Two such occasions follow:

- Torture. By thinking of using certain parts of his body to perform perverse acts, much to his discomfort, a hero (cursed by the ring he accidentally found in an old monastery) managed to survive villainous torture long enough to be rescued.

- Punishment. A town ran by a monastic order has used these devices to keep rapists and other such perverted people from harming anyone after their jail time is up,

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