Compilation of Rings

This is a listing of every Ring thought of and put to submissions here at Strolens. For a far better solution to finding what your looking for.


This listing is of every ring I could find on the submission site. If I see more I will add them, or hopefully when someone places a new ring submission up they will have the curtesy to place it up here so everyone can have an easy time in locating everthing related to rings.

From traditional rings, to nose and toe rings this codec will have them all. There are also plots listed that revolve around the use of rings.

Right now there are 34 rings listed in this codex. I apologize for the size, but it is definately complete.

I had hoped this would be updated by others. I will do a search to update this in the next day or two.

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Hall of Honour

Cheka Man

? Responses (6)

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Good, solid, sensible idea for organisation. I'm mainly voting and commenting here to get this off the 'unvoted' list as I'm not really too sure how you vote and comment on a codex of this nature.

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At least it has been noticed. I was beginning to think it was being over looked. Then I saw more and more new votes for the rings. And that was the whole purpose.

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I have added four new rings to the Codex but I am sure some are out there. I have done a search for ring and rings but only a few I have put up here are done.

Two that I have added can be used as rings and that is the reason why I have placed them up here.

The Wolf's Revenge Plot seemed more like a item description so I put that up as well.

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Updated: Updated with more rings, it would be nice to see this hit at least 50 before the end of the year.

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BUMP! Wheeeee, look how many rings we have!

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An excellent collection of Rings. Another thing to add to to-do list.

Note to self: More Rings!

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