Several centuries ago, a signifigantly powerful, and undeniably insane warlock focused his work upon studying the makeup of the ‘ghosts’ that appear every once in a while to torment victims who had done their earlier, living selves some great evil. The man was intrigued by their indesctructability, their lack of form, and most of all, their immortality. The warlock, of course, was mortal and aging quite rapidly, so therefore lusted for a way to cancel his aging process. Using his gained knowledge of apparitions, he infused himself with the raw energy of the wraith-kind. Unfortunately for him, he had not done enough prior study, so, as this transformation had taken place, the energy warped his body, and tore away his soul, shredded it and replaced it, segmented around the husk of his body. Thus a new beast was created; a creature with everlasting ‘life’. As with all ghosts, its telekinetic, empathic and telepathic skills had increased dramatically - far more so than when the creature was a mortal. Due to its warlock heritage, it could still cast a bountiful amount of spells, but those spells are warped with shadow magic, altering both their power, and the effects they have on people.

He, too, could become insubstantial at will, and even completely invisible. This fractal strain of ghoul was able to penetrate the very minds of most people, whispering devious thoughts into their consciousness, and manipulating others lives in such a manner. This fiends voice seemed to be nothing more than the cry of a tortured soul in the wind which forms eerie, whispered words which change tone frequently. If it wished to converse, it could do so, though most of its words were arrogant, looking down apon what he deemed to be ‘mortals’ - which included near everybody. One last ability transposed to the shattered remnant of the warlock, was that of belonging to no dimension, and thusly bieng able to travel throughout the many parallels of its original world. In its maddened state, it saw only to do what a ghosts sole purpose was - to terrorise. Since it had no person that killed him, the revenant had to settle for feasting off the fear of whoever it chanced upon.

One particular magic user - the female arch-magus Meagatarius - proved to thwart the magnificent power of this beast in the end. having multi-planar view, She had been watching this creature for several dimension-hops, studying it with curiousity, for it was a creature unlike any she had seen in all her life. And thusly, she set up magics, spending weeks preparation to create a summoning circle to draw the creature to her with its next dimension crossing. Finally, the phantom materialised into the plane of Meragatarius, only to find the mage in wait. The woman swiftly called upon her magics to draw the surprised beast into the only item she had on her that would contain the essense of the creature - a simple, unenchanted magus ring.

This ring, which had dimmed from its usual, golden Lustre due to the presence of the creature, lay on her laboratory bench for several days whilst the woman performed the occasional study on its inhabitant. Unfortunately, A large band of Raiders arrived at the doors of the conclave where she studied, and quickly and efficiently slaughtered those they could find and stole whatever they thought was valuable - the ring was one of those items. So now, the ring is carried to all corners of the earth, sold over, lost in grass, found by ‘lucky’ adventurers, lost again… For a great many years this happened. It never stayed in the hands of someone for more than a few weeks - and, though unknown to the owners, this was very fortunate.


This particular ring seems akin to many of the golden-hued rings, a twisting and curling design adorning it with a large ruby, or amethyst captured which most sorcerers seem to favour to hold extra enchantments. This ring, however has what seems to be a platinum hue, and the gem in the center is a smoky, grey swirling colour. Many an unwary mage may slip this ring on and find, to their astonishment that instantly, they can sense the very life force of all living creatures in a modest radius from them. They can feel what weakness the people have, plus has an innate sense of knowing where people are without having to use the ‘traditional’ 5 senses. This, bieng such a useful trait to have, some sorcerers may choose to leave this ring on for a while. After several days, that sorcerer might even notice that his own powers have been increased, even added to. After a week or two, however, they may begin to feel just the slightest inkling of dread fear seeping into the back of their minds - they will understand that this fear comes from the ring, but the ring seems to have increased their powers steadily the longer they have had it on… Dare they take it off, and lose such glory?

Magical Properties:

Most seem to think that this ring is magical, when they put it on - that it has had a beneficial spell cast upon it to increase ones own powers. This is completely and utterly false. The only powers they get are actually traits of the fell beast which inhabits the ring. This ring seems very beneficial to start with, and gives more powers the longer they have it on. But what the wearer may not realise, is that that ‘power’ is simply a trait of the trapped revenant which is slowly possessing them. For this, the revenant has found out, is the simplest way to escape its prison of the ring - to take over the form of someone who wears the ring by transferring sections of itself out.


From the act of putting the ring on and leaving it on, this will occur:
Gain ‘6th sense’; able to determine fears of those nearby

Day 2:
- Empathic/telepathic skills begin forming.

Day 5:
- Any spells cast by the wearer will have random elements of ‘wraith magic’ such as mental effects (Confusion, fear, insanity) incoorperated in them.

Day 8/10:
- Irrational sense of dread begins forming.

Day 10:
- Empathic/telepathic skills greatly enhanced.
- Ability to let limbs/body become ‘ethereal’ for a short time (normal weapons will glide through form without doing damage; addition to hiding/sneaking skills)

Day 12:
- Spell modification at its height.
- Ability to go ethereal for extended lengths of time.
- Temporary invisibility.

Day 13/15:
- Odd sense of another consciousness guiding your thoughts. Desire to terrorise emerges.

Day 14/16:
- Domination. Loss of consciousness, Form alters to the original form of the ghoul inhabited by the ring. Soul torn apart. (In a nutshell - death.)
- Ring loses its silver hue, returns to golden. Smoky jewel in ring returns to original colour - that of an emerald.


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