Full Item Description

Agony is a simple jade band of translucent green with darker green veins flowing through it. No stones or gems adorn the band, but it is smooth to the touch and forever cold. Those trained to detect magic find nothing peculiar about this ring, unless it is worn.


Agony is a thing of legend, mentioned in stories but not seen in some time. It is the final component to the Circle of Blood, its brethren being Fate and Bloodmail; all created by the necromancer, Railus Shadowhisper to repay those who betrayed him.

Originally a gift to Kyrius it seemed to offer no special power. Though Kyrius would not openly question the word of his master, he had underlying feelings of being the least favored in his eyes. This resentment fueled the ring and it proceeded to draw those feelings to the surface.

Years passed and Agony fed ravenously on Kyrius’ contempt. Contempt grew to paranoia; he suspected any aspiring mage of lusting for his seat on the council. This paranoia also led him to lead the coup to destroy Railus.

During the coup, Railus noticed his former apprentices bore the gifts he once gave them; a brash move on their part. Amongst his final actions, Railus cursed the rings so that they would never again be removed, dark gifts from a scorned master.

Like its brethren, Agony has traveled through history, wreaking havoc on those foolish enough to slip it on. It has been suggested that the only way to destroy them is to unite them at the site of Railus betrayal.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Once worn, Agony can be removed freely. The ring itself is cursed, but it does not target the physical form, rather the soul itself.

The taint bestowed on the soul preys on the insecurities of the owner. This attack is persistant, until finally it overwhelms the subject.

If the person dies with the taint on their soul, it passes into the nether just like any other spirit, with one exception, a siphon is created between the soul and Railus Shadowhisper.

In Sanctum, necromancers draw their magical power from the nether (realm of the dead). In a ritual, the potential necromancer invites a spirit to the realm of the living, in hopes of coming to an agreement to establish a link between themself and the spirit. This link is known as the siphon. It allows the necromancer to draw on the magical nature of the nether and allows the spirit to experience life through the eyes of the necromancer.

With each new siphon, Railus’ ability to draw from the nether increases, fueling his goal of becoming a Lich. He wears an amulet, known as Mordum, which acts as the focus for the curse on Agony. Whomever wears Mordum has the siphon transfered to them.

Souls who are tainted by Agony are restless until the curse is broken. The only way to do so, is to shatter the crystal in the center of Mordum and set Agony in its place.

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