Full Item Description
The Walking Stick of Vulcan is made of wood, probably oak. The stick is about the size of a decent cane. The top of the walking stick is a very gnarled not of wood, in a warped spiral-like design. The shaft is gnarled, becoming a point at the end. Engraved into the shaft are the words "Let the forging of two things become the creation of one."

Vulcan, be he god or simple man, was always known as a master of the forge, a man who could make armor and weapons that threatened existence itself.

After years at the forge, an unfortunate accident left Vulcan with the pressing need for a cane or walking stick. Not willing to expend an entire day's work on allowing him mobility, Vulcan found a near-by tree, ripped a branch off, and cut it into a suitable length. After he was satisfied, he continued his work- creating ever more masterpieces of metal and death. Vulcan engraves his motto into the stick, to mark it as his own.

Eventually, Vulcan died or made a more permanent cane. Either way, it passed hands multiple times, until coming into the grasp of Corran the Craftsman. Having a talent with magical items, Corran felt the staff would be useful. Corran eventually learned of its power to shoot flames when he was explaining the cause of a nasty sunburn to a friend, seriously scorching his foot.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Due to being in Vulcan's possession for an extended period of time, the walking stick began to take on magical qualities.

The Walking Stick can shoot a gout of flame out from the bottom end, to a length of about five feet. (Burn being the command word, if needed at all).
Fires started by the Walking Stick are unique, changing materials burned or forged within. It's believed this is how light-weight but extremely strong metals were utilized by Vulcan, because he could blend the properties of two different metals together. This can be an obvious bane or boon to creating swords and other weapons.
The Walking Stick is Fire-Proof.

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