Handwriting was not a strength Corran possessed. As a lad, many a teacher lamented at his scribbles, which seemed to mock intelligent attempts to decipher their meaning. While nobody could find intellectual fault with his prose- once deciphered, or preferably translated and transcribed legibly- Corran's writing became notorious. 1

It just wouldn't do. Requests for information on projects, bills demanding payment, these all required Corran to write. Writing was the enemy for Corran 2, and the increasing demand on him to correspond in writing was wearing on him.


He started by forcing Bethany to neatly write out each and every letter possible 3. Uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, every squiggle and mark possible. This stretched on for days as Corran realized the library of symbols and letters needed another addition, or some strange mark used to denote respect when referring to certain nobles from a small congregation of religious nutjobs living near a volcano 4. Ignoring all protests that her hands were getting filthy with ink, Corran pressed on.

Taking a mold of his wife's hand holding a pen, he carefully prepared an articulated hand of brass. Taking pains to allow it the range of movement Bethany's hand had whilst writing, Corran observed his wife writing for a long period of time, perfecting the hand as he went.

Enchanting the brass hand to move, Corran glowed 5 as it proved capable of moving a pen. Providing it simple magical instructions, it could write as well as Bethany.

It was slow. Working the controls to get it to write meant a sentence took minutes to compose, and a full letter could take hours. 6

He needed to make it faster. He knew what he wanted it to write long before it got there, because telling it what to write next had to be done letter by letter. Improving that meant being able to give it longer, better instructions- or maybe... what if he could get it to read his thoughts directly? 7

Corran tried multiple times to craft something that would direct his mental dictation to the hand. His first attempts had been elaborate designs, intent on appealing to anyone who would later view his creation 8 . Trying to allow them to create his thoughts proved hazardous, as many of them started to ooze a thick, muddy liquid, seemingly created from Corran's mind 9 . Thinking upon this, Corran decided that his thoughts needed to be filtered.

Taken from Bethany's few remaining pots and pans, Corran placed leather strips along the inside of a strainer to make it more comfortable to wear, crafted a lightweight glass dome to fit over the top, with a tube connecting his thought-catcher to the hand's base. To Corran's mind, the strainer would separate all the random 'junk' thoughts floating through his head, only allowing what he wanted the hand to write through.

The Scribe 10

Finalized, the Scribe consists of the collector, the tube, and the hand assembly 11 . The collector is the strainer and glass globe, connected to the tube. Placed upon Corran's head, he would only have to think of what he wanted the hand to transcribe. 12 ; Those watching him dictate to the hand saw a thick, colorful liquid float up from the strainer, moving through the tube into the base of the hand.

Made of a flexible, watertight material created by judicious application of Vulcans Walking Stick to a metal pipe and a sample of rubber sap, the tube extends from the collector to the base of the hand.

The hand is mounted over a book of blank paper which a mechanism flips and maneuvers as appropriate. The hand rests on a small pole of metal, with clockwork mechanisms within allowing it a full range of movement over the paper, with the articulated hand being able to write with a fountain pen 13 . The hand is capable of operating the pen on its own, including the use of ink. The back of the hand connects to the tube. Despite magical examination, no one can explain where the fluid seen coursing into the tube goes as it seems to disappear, how the hand utilizes it, or how thoughts are translated 14 .

Capabilities and Use

The writing of the hand is perfectly legible, in Bethany's script 15 . The hand writes sufficiently fast to keep up with Corran's thoughts, and indeed is fast enough to provide appropriate footnotes, oftentimes not even as directed by Corran 16 . Corran attempted a few drawings with the Scribe, which proved that it was much better at drawing than he was, albeit that is not saying much.

1 Even Corran had to take a long period of time to translate his own writing.

2 When not dealing with a certain chamber pot.

3 Corran loved his wife. Really.

4 Corran only helped said congregation for the monthly slabs of bacon they had send to him.

5 Not a pretty sight, let me tell you.


7 Bethany took this opportunity to mention that reading her husband's thoughts was the scariest part of my capabilities.

8 A flair for showmanship dogged Corran during his later years, as he became more amused by those seeing his work.

9 His mind is a gutter.

 10 That's me!

11 About 80LBS of beauty!

12 That damn Furball needs to stay away from my walking stick or I swear I'm going to punt it off the city walls...

13 Corran never did attempt allowing me to write using his blood.

14 How does it work? Veracit wanted me to explain it to him but even I'm baffled by this.


16 All footnotes are extensively researched and are guaranteed to be of the utmost quality

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