Existence defied definition. It was, will be, and is. Unbroken, whole, and of singular purpose, Existence perpetuated with time in harmony. A single pane of glass, stained with the mosaic of life, and happenings, and thought, Existence seemed perfect.

Energy boiled and grew, contained within what comprised reality. The energy, an accident of cosmic proportions, exploded furiously. Physical boundaries broke, Existence becoming many, not one, harmony breaking into dissonance. The shards floated, unbalanced, rough, existing in three dimmensions, not two.

And each lingered, for a time. Slowly, time started its work again, anew from the Shattering.

The imbalances started to show their effect. With time, the shards of existence came to be tested, pitted against the new dimmension that had been birthed.

Oblivion. Absense. Forgetfulness. Endless, boundless, nothing.

Many disappeared, claimed by the uncaring ravages of nonexistence. Some, fought for survival. Where Oblivion and Existence met, yet another force came to being. Encompassing all of creation, all that does and does not exist, Conflict came into being.

Thus is how the new Universe is.

Existence lays fragmented, endless numbers of separate realities linked together loosely. Each reaches its own event horizon, where the self-destructive tendencies of existence are stamped out- or allowed to plunge that reality into Oblivion. The only beings free to cross between the worlds are the Conflicted Ones, chosen to push realities to that event horizon, so that all of Existence may be saved- or destroyed.

The path to dominion over a reality is now easy. Attaining the status of God takes much less power than before- but all fear the Conflicted One, incarnate of strife, war and opposition. For Oblivion and Existence comprise all that is, and both sit fully within the realm of Conflict. To the Conflicted One, nothing is impossible.

(This submission is laying some of the groundwork for later submissions I hope to get to in due time. I'm not entirely sure if 'plot' was the best choice of submission type because it's technically detailing how a Universe players might inhabit is composed, but all the same, the Shattering was an event that kicked off time (or serves as the reference point for sentient conception of time...)) (woo! Nested parenthesis!)

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