The flame flickered in his hand, leaving the man unburned.

"I asked you gentlemen to leave."

The smaller intruder spat onto the floor. "We've faced mages scarier than you."

The man's frown deepened. The flame in his hand jumped into the air and started to expand, twisting and rolling into a vaguely defined shape.

Then the flame was gone, and they gaped at the beast that looked to the old man for a command.

"Make these gentlemen leave. Don't go easy on them."


Corran's Flame, also known as the Flame of Creation, is usually a small fire, which can be held in one's hand. Those holding the flame feel as if they are holding an orb perfectly suited to fitting in their hand. The flames do not radiate heat to the bearer, but do give off ample light. The color of the flame changes depending on the owner's will, as well as use of the flame. When in use, the flame takes a shape vaguely similar to the object being created, before the flames creating that object burn out and the flame reappears for the user.


The user must concentrate on what they wish the flame to produce, being able to mentally picture or define the creation. The Flames can create any substance, creature, object, force, magical effect, or item known to the user. Specific people cannot be created with the flame, and making a lookalike doesn't confer the proper mannerisms and personality required. The creations of Corran's flame are subject to the users will for the duration the effect lasts. Items made permanent by the flame cannot be unmade by the flame, although temporary items can be unmade at will by the flame user. The Flames can create magic items, although this takes a strength of will much higher than other tasks with the flame.

Use of the flame does not cause the flame to flicker out, unless the flame desires to leave its current user. The flame can be used endlessly and never goes out.


Corran's Flame is among the oldest objects observed by sages today. The flame has appeared multiple times in history, often causing singularities in its wake. Great works, art, and landscapes have been changed by use of the flame. Many stories involve the immolation of the unwary who have abused the flame, as well as those without the control and resolve to direct the flame as intended. The flame is responsible for multiple castles, numerous wonders of the world, as well as many new species that walk the earth. The flame has crashed and caused economies to boom, has been utilized to end slavery, fed millions, and allowed for technological advances far beyond what should be possible.

In the far past, near the birth of existence, it is believed that the flame spawned all that is, controlled by the hand of an unseen god or force, or perhaps the flame is the only surviving aspect of the creator.

Most prominently, the Artificer Corran possessed the flame for the last half of his life, being the longest and most informed possessor of the Flame. Many claim that Corran's possession of the flame was final proof that Corran was creation incarnate. Upon Corran's death, the flame disappeared from the world once again.


The flame is strongly aligned with creation. Destructive magic created through Corran's Flame is muted. Users who aren't sufficiently powerful to use the flame are consumed, their mental and biological energies incorporated into the Flames of Creation.


Corran's Flame is meant to function as an artifact item within a campaign. The flame is effectively limitless, being the tools through which existence was created. The Flame is highly coveted, for it can feed nations, arm troops, make buildings, and any number of other tasks. The Flame can also be highly destructive (see: counterfeiting.), unbalancing, and abused. The Flame should be EXACTING in how strong someone must be to use it, and quick to anger. A PC might escape once or twice the flame's wrath for abuse, but not after.

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