Standing 203 cm in total length, the Pelta'na'Astal'i'ke'Kisher is an ancient relic, nearly five thousand years old. A haft of smooth, polished wood of mottled blue, topped by a sturdy, leaf shaped blade of made of copper, this historical weapon is displayed in a case of carven stone and glass, insulated by a layer of inert gases.

While the haft is not original, this weapon is of immense cultural and religious value to several sects of the Kel'Regar, and will be defended to the death. Viewings are not open to the general public, and are restricted to religious, political, and military personnel over a certain ranking.


It is said that when all was new, and the velvet black of the night sky was the first to exist, four godesses, and gods, came upon Regar, the world silent and barren, though ripe with the potential for new life. Looking upon this thing, Astal spoke first, saying that there should be light for the life that would be to grow towards. And so speaking, Astal became a great light in the sky, her brilliant light shining down upon the ground. And Melas and Meler looked down upon the light, and they saw that there must be a time for the sun to pass, and Meler said, 'I shall forever chase Astal, and beneath me shall spread the cloak of night,' while his brother, Melas said, 'I shall ever run before Astal, and shall herald the coming of her day, where'er Meler has passed.' And they became tiny beacons, the moons that herald the rise and the fall of the sun. And then, the fourth goddess, Renga, saw that there was no need for her in the stars, and so she chose to descend to Regar, and live among the things that had begun to grow there. And to each of the creatures she found, she gave a gift, to aid them in their hunt, in the struggle for life.

And, in time, Renga came upon the People, who had, as all other life, sprung forth when the light of Astal had touched the soil and the waters, each by their own measure of light, soil, and water. And among the People, she found one of beauty, a male by the name of Naran. And Renga desired him, but could have him not, for he professed desire for only Astal, as the sun was the only one who could match his beauty. With gifts to him and to the People, she tried to lure him, and gave them cunning, and taught them the art of knife and spear, but still, he rejected her. Enraged, Renga raised her spear and struck at her sister in the sky, meaning to mar her beauty, so that she would be more beautiful than her sister. Bleeding, Astal fled beneath the cloak of night, held by Melas and Meler, and wherever her blood fell upon the cloak, the light of day would sparkle forever more through the night sky. But still, Naran rejected Renga, fearful for his life, now that he had seen what Renga did to things of beauty. And so Renga took Naran by force in the night, as Astal hid from their sight behind their brother gods.

In short time, Astal would be healed again, and day returned to the people, but Naran knew now to flee. As he ran, Melas and Meler took pity upon him, and raised him to the sky, to help him flee from their wrothful sister. To this day, Renga chases them, her spear forgotten. In their haste, the moon gods run past their chosen places, and fold the cloak of the night past Astal, and for a moment, the world is plunged into darkness. But soon, they all out speed their sister, and day returns once more.

Thus were born the stars, and eclipses, and thus is why male must flee from female, once the fire is sated.

Roleplaying notes:

The Pelta'na'Astal'i'ke'Kisher is a cultural artifact, comparable to the three great treasures of Japan. Crafted in prehistoric times of a small vein of native copper, exposed by the strike of a meteor, the blade of the spear is suprisingly well balanced and intact, for all the years that have passed. While it has no great powers, it is historically as sign of leadership - Among those religions descended from the ancient cult of Renga, the possessor of the Pelta, the spear, was once recognized as a legitimate contender for leadership, regardless of birth or status. Now, it is passed down from leader to leader, a symbol much like a crown.

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