Compact, but beautiful by Kel’Regar standards, Ku’ar’Riss stands a bare 1.6 meters tall, her lithe frame defined by rippling muscles that move with an unnerving grace. Long hair swirls around her midnight face, framing it with a curtain of the darkest blood, a color matched in her alien eyes, slanted and slitted in a narrow face, flawless in its unearthly beauty, save for a single, wine-red scar that graces a path from her ear to her neck.

Ku’ar’Riss favors clothing in the style of her people, a strange, still-living fabric that clings to her like a second skin, and she often wears a pulsing, organic breath filter, designed to insulate her from the scent of humans.


As the Kel’Regar began to discover that they were not alone within the universe, the idea of co-operation, rather than warfare, with the alien species was one that soon came to the mind of the males. It was a simple matter to select to outfit only females who could be persuaded of this view with the equipment required to explore beyond Regar itself. It was a harder matter, however, to choose those who would maintain contact with alien governments, once the males had come to understand the concept of a united species. The first males sent assimilated into their hosts too easily, unwilling to take the stands needed to protect the interests of the Kel’Regar themselves in the face of conflict. A female would be needed. One who knew how to bind together as many of her sisters as possible.

Searching among the bands of females, then, Ku’ar’Riss was eventually selected as a candidate. During her times in the jungles, she had proven herself as a cunning and resourceful hunter, surviving many a situation which would have slain a lesser woman. More importantly, she displayed what few Kel’Regar females did: Charisma, and a sense of something larger than herself. Her personal band, nearly forty females, administered solely by her, was almost unheard of among the Kel’Regar. Taken in by the males, she was quickly convinced of the need of the thing, of its benefits to her, and then educated, as best as possible, in the way of the males, and taught the rudiments of the alien tongue.

Her destination? Sol.

Much work had gone into preparing for her arrival on Venus, and a carefully prepared, woman ambassador sent to meet her, at her request. Yet, as Ku’ar’Riss stepped forth from the tiny vessel to survey her new home, all the pretty words of greeting were lost to the human girl, as she found herself mouthing the words of an ancient poem.

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare sieze the fire?

And what shoulder, & what art.
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? & what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did he smile his work to see?
Did he who made the Lamb make thee?'

And to hear this could only make Ku’ar’Riss smile. This one, she knew, this one understood and feared her. It was good.

Special Equipment

Ku’ar’Riss carries with her a pheremone filtration mask at all times. While it decreases her ability to understand the humans around her slightly, it is vital for her in order to mix with males without her powerful sexual urges coming to the fore. With or without it, she finds the human’s preferred atmosphere to taste flat and lifeless, though it is thick and easy to breathe.

Like many other Kel’Regar females, she is ‘cybernetically’ enhanced with a variety of organic implants, most of which have comparatively subtle effects on her metabolism, optimizing her for the situation at hand, keeping her at top physical form. She is armed at all times, possessing a set of diamond-bone claw implants as well as a light narcotic poison injected by biting.

She maintains an ambassador’s domicile on Venus, where she is permitted to import the ecosystem of her choice to the sealed dome. As such, it is a strange blend of Terran and Regarin flora, and to a lesser extent, fauna, which she hunts regularly. A small staff is at her service, consisting of two Oraki, four human women, and a pair of human men. While they are ostensibly household staff, the women are strongly under the sway of her ‘pack leading’ abilities, at once loyal and terrified of her, while the men are enthralled, strongly sapped of whatever their original personality was. Other humans occasionally whisper the words ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ when interacting with them. The Oraki, meanwhile, are treated with surprising evenness, much as a human would be expected to treat a servant. As they do not engage Ku’ar’Riss’s instinctive responses, she has no framework with which to deal with them, taking cues from the surrounding culture. While they are reasonably loyal, they do not display the fanaticism that her human staff does, and have occasionally made note of the ‘madness’ that surrounds them.

Roleplaying Notes

Ku’ar’Riss is a powerfully ambitious woman, seeking to cement her personal power, her race’s power, and peace, in approximately that order. This, combined with her natural tendency to command, makes her extremely machivellian in her dealings with humanity. Deeply complex schemes that play the varying earth factions against each other are her primary mode of operation, and she is completely unafraid to hire humans for dirty work. She has, in fact, performed some of it herself, for the thrill of the hunt, though as of yet, no evidence exists to prove it.

Ku’ar’Riss is a predator at heart, and should behave as such. Moreover, she does not acknowledge the individual rights that humans do. Only the female portions of her ‘pack’ are extended such privileges from her, which causes no end of friction between herself and the humans she deals with on a regular basis. Ironically, her ambassadorial immunity is fairly vital to her mission, as she has committed thousands of what humans would consider crimes by this time.

Ku’ar’Riss has difficulty dealing with men, as the raw power of her instincts drive her to consider them as a different kind of being, one suitable for her personal use, not so suited for partnership. Women, she will often attempt to dominate. Those few women who can counter this, she has come to treasure most of all, coming to consider them as sisters, a higher order of being than the rest of humanity to her.

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