'And that too, what the fuck are the angels doing anyways?' Kyle kicks at a discarded cardboard box. 'Creepy motherfucking enigmatic fucks.'

Born in late 1979, Kyle DiGlado was born to his caring parents, Douglas DiGlado and Joyce Montagne. Raised on a mixture of Joyce's care and love, as well as his father's grit and strength, Kyle became a confident, headstrong young man. Instilled by his mother with a sense of duty to help others, Kyle tended to hide his empathetic streak under a facade of rough bravado and sarcasm.

'It's just not funny watching you strut around like some kind of rooster looking for freshmen to intimidate. I don't know about you, but no cock intimidates me, not after seeing myself piss in the mirror.'

Leaving highschool with a lengthy permanent record and a distrust in authority to right the wrongs of the world, Kyle sought out a way to bring his own capabilities to bear on the issue.

'We serve the public. Not the brass who have the head shoved up their asses, not the politicians who lie to get rich, we're here for every sorry bastard who's ever watched his mom get roughed up by her douchebag boyfriend, the mother who has to worry that her kid might meet a bullet cause of some fucking gang. You forget that, you might as well turn in your badge and accept that you're a pig.'

Kyle's service record managed to cause a rift within the communities that were on his beat. While many thanked him earnestly for his dedication to creating a better community, many felt that his methods sometimes toed the line of proper conduct. Everyone knew Kyle did good work, but a roughed up perp was still someone the police had roughed up, and that rankled the brass.

'Kiss my ass. If you don't want them to come in bleeding and bruised, you fucking bring them in. You watch the shit they do to the others around them, and you stop them.'

Jack Reese eventually became Kyle's commanding officer. The two became close friends- Reese went out of his way to ensure that Kyle could do his job effectively, and Kyle reciprocated by following the conduct policies- most of the time. Burning through partners at an alarming rate, the desk job they tried to shoehorn him into resulted in Kyle meeting his future wife, Amy. Amy was assigned Kyle's Internal Affairs case, and immediately recused herself from the case after the first interview with him, where he invited her to dinner; an invitation she accepted.

'Look at me, Reese. I'm about to go out there and tell the entire fucking world that I love that woman. I'm not even going to say anything sarcastic, or be an ass. It's a fucking miracle.'

Kyle's work performance improved, and he stopped complaining about his desk work. People joked with him that Amy had tamed him, beat him, and he took it in stride. Talking about retirement, about putting money away so any kids they had could go to college, maybe buying a house, Kyle was happy and content as a married man. For a time, the perils of the world had finally lifted from his mind, and no longer seemed to threaten him and those around him.

'Maybe doing the beat, cleaning up the trash, maybe that's not everything Reese. Being a part of the community, not just the janitor- being a good example, a positive part of it- I could do that, with Amy. Raise a good family, be good neighbors to everyone. Have giant block parties every year, launch off illegal fireworks just to piss off the brass.'

Kyle was putting the finishing touches on some amateur carpentry in the new house he and Amy had bought when he got the call from Reese. He put down his tools, sitting on the floor, head in his hands. Amy was gone, stabbed by an escaped convict who had bribed a guard she had been investigating.

'I can't stand sitting behind this fucking desk any longer Reese. Staring at fucking paperwork, pretending that it helps change anything.'

Kyle landed back on Internal Affair's radar within a month of resuming patrol duty. Suspended, under investigation, Kyle found himself at wit's end. After a week of avoiding Reese's calls, Kyle finally learned that Reese was being moved onto a task force, and that he was being offered another chance to keep his badge.


Kyle drinks heavily, preferring beer. He has a distaste for smoking, an appreciation for guns and cars, and follows politics closely. His sarcasm generally shows his sharp, biting wit, and intellectually Kyle could have easily made detective if he had tried. Usually scoring in the top percentiles on the obstacle course and the shooting range, Kyle's score with a rifle has yet to be beat. His temper and attitude tend to cause friction between him and those who value law and order- Kyle has no qualms about breaking rules in the pursuit of good.

The pain of losing Amy has threatened to push Kyle towards nihilism- both in life and in his career. Kyle's idealism has been challenged to its core, and his anger is coming close to pushing him to using methods that could land him in jail or worse.

Kyle still reacts strongly to crime, and is more than willing to put his life on the line for the sake of others. Despite his recent nihilism, he does not put himself in undue danger, and usually acts with caution. He is usually calm and collected under pressure, although his language could not be considered appropriate for children at any time.

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