The Party:

Reva Maxwell: An Angel masquerading as a human who joined the CRTF. Naive, curious and generally clueless, Reva oftentimes serves as quirky comic relief.

Kate O'Donnell: A computer hacker and criminal who was forced to join CRTF because she hacked into their network. She's sarcastic, rude, and generally clashes with law enforcement in general.

Anise Dawson: A martial-artist whose involvement with law enforcement hasn't been really defined (yet). She and Kate get along extremely well. Anise has an ex-boyfriend lurking in her past who might come back to raise hell.

Lennard Wong: A curt professional cop who worked in the Sexual Assault Unit before joining CRTF. Acts as the straight man for the group.

The Rat (Real Name: Aemilius Cicero): The face of the group. Has a strong preference for nice suits and good wine.


Important Plot Events:

Attempted to hack into the CRTF network (again). This time she was stopped by Todd. Kate seems to have considered this something of a date, which has Todd completely flabberghasted.

Tracked down the rogue FBI agents who were harassing Kyle. One agent in particular, Agent Jones, became an obvious target because he had a meeting scheduled nearby with a witness.

Talked with both Father Michaels and Selene (Selene is Selexiel in human disguise). Michaels is a bible-toting ex-priest who also carries a gun with him at all times. He was very friendly with Anise, gently prodding her, trying to get her to understand that the Corpael Etasen is not the only evil lurking around.

Selene was much more 'loopy', talking amost directly about events in a very frank manner, and referring to Anise by her full name.

Reva and The Rat:

Reva's player was having an off night and so avoided most of the night's activities, until the later action happened. The Rat couldn't play because his computer had technical difficulties.

Visiting his old unit, the Sexual Assault Unit, Lennard heard about the murder of a coroner at the local Morgue (Romero's doing). Upon investigating, Lennard discovered the orderly that Romero had also killed and stuffed into one of the 'body tubes'. Lennard then visited Romero's old apartment, where after a brief confrontation with Romero himself (ending with Romero jumping out of a five-story window), he discovered the second chunk of Romero's 'diary', describing the incident at the morgue.

All Players:
Using Kate's intel, the group moved in on the meeting where Agent Jones was meeting with a witness. Kicking down the back door, they found Jones, a RedShirt FBI agent and a Russian man discussing how the russian was being asked to leave the area- for good. Upon being interrupted by the players, there was a protracted fight that ended with the redshirt dead, Jones severely wounded, and the Russian running away after taking at least six gunshot wounds.

The players heard the second part of Romero's diary, prompting a short mental breakdown from Kate.



First appearances of Father Michaels, Selexiel, Romero Coultier, Agent Jones and Alexi Dragomir.

The players split up right from the beginning. Since we're using a text format, this worked extremely well for getting a great deal done in a short time.

A great deal of what makes this campaign work for me is how my players can discuss amongst themselves IC without me. It's beneficial all around.

This session did a good job of immediately increasing the number of questions buzzing in my player's heads. Romero and Alexi made quite the splash.


Next Session:

The Corpael Etasen meeting.

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