I would have never had thought one could come to like a rattling pile of walking bones, but Tohm simply grew on me. Watching him play checkers with Formuro was always amusing - whenever he took one of Formuro’s pieces he would rattle his jaw in joy.. From the diary of Professor Ethric, faculty of Divination.


Articulated skeleton with small leather and metal joints holding the bones together. Sometimes he wears discarded clothing and hats, often ridiculously mismatched.


Originally, the skeleton which now forms the main part of Ol’ Tohm was a convicted criminal who had willed his remains to the Royal Academy of the Thaumurgical Arts. There the bones were used in teaching anatomy. Not being ones to settle with lifeless bones, the skeleton (after being articulated with metal and leather links holding the bones together) was animated by magic to carry out various common movements.

The skeleton was adopted by the students as a mascot and it quickly became a fixture at many social events, and additional ‘routines’ were added to Tohm’s abilities. It is not known exactly when a spirit decided to occupy Tohm Bones. Some believe the spirit is that of a student who was killed in an odd laboratory accident, while others think an unauthorized ritual was performed to invest the skeleton with intelligence. Regardless of the truth, Tohm Bones now shows a level of intelligence far above what one would expect of a simple construct. An investigation was made by faculty to be certain that Tohm had not actually became undead, but they found that clerical magic had no hold on Tohm. So, the faculty reported that Tohm is merely a very smart bone construct with no apparent evil or malicious intent.

Tohm still plays his part demonstrating in anatomy classes, and as a mascot. In addition, he has began sitting in on classes, watching the instructor with his empty sockets, and scrawling incomprehensible text on scrolls and slates. Since he is unable to speak a word, none believe he will ever learn to spellcast, but then again, none can explain his current behavior either.

He does manage to communicate a bit primarily through gestures and pantomime.

He has also been spending a great deal of time in the company of Formuo and they seem to have established a fast friendship. Formuo seems to be able to understand Tohms gestures and jaw-clacking better then anyone else and they have protracted conversations.

Special Equipment

Tohm usually does not carry anything unless en route or in a class, in which case he will have appropriate materials on hand.

Roleplaying Notes

Tohm is quite intelligent, but lacks the ability to speak. He cannot communicate by writing either - his writing is comprehensible only to himself. He is able to understand spoken words as well as written language.

He has no dark motivations - the spirit which inhabits the bones is a very old and curious one and is enjoying exploring this particular existence.

Tohm is NOT undead, merely animated bones, and is more akin to a golem then anything else.

As time advances, Tohm may learn to cast spells that require no verbal aspect, and then might even be found accompanying Mage Academy sponsored expeditions. In those cases, his skeletal appearance may be hidden by illusions.

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