The Terra Gotcha golem appears as a fine Terracotta sculpture, usually of a warrior, but can really take on any form.

The golem is quite fragile and while able to inflict good melee damage with either its limbs or carried weapons, its true danger lies inside.

The golem is hollow, and if damaged (any successful hit that exceeds its damage threshold), it will shatter and release the golem's contents.

Potential Contents:

1Oil - By itself a slippery mess with the potential to ignite from lanterns, torches.
2Phosphorous - Ignites into a massive ball of flame.
3Gunpowder - Explodes if the golem is attacked by fire/electricity. Burns intensely if ignited after being released.
4Acid - Area becomes soaked by a couple gallons of potent acid.
5Poison Gas - Pick your poison.
6Small undead - small creatures, undead body parts, etc.
7Insect swarms
8Even smaller golems

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? Quest

Throw out your highfalutin', artistic, aspirations for GOLD! Go Old School with win fabulous prizes and the respect and envy of your peers! We're talkin' nitty gritty dorito dust covered dice and crumpled character sheets hack and slash monster killing treasure finding artifact hunting dragon slaying Lord of the Ring's plagiarizing classic fantasy!

Release your bandits led by an Evil Overlord Drow Bandit King Cult Leader.

We want the traps, the iron spikes, the ropes, the taverns with bar wenches and all your magical weapon shops. Dig it all out and let us relive our glory days.

On top of all this Old School madness, Murometz has sponsored a $100 prize for the winner(s) of the quest.

In old school style, we will offer the prize in chart form:

# Subs % Prize Breakdown
1d8 1st place = 100
2d8+7 1st/2nd = 67/33
>2d12 1/2/3 = 50/25/25
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