This gauntlet was given to the great hero Zul as a reward for releasing the King of All Eagles from his servitude to the Trickster. After Zul's death the gauntlet passed through several generations before being lost in battle.

The gauntlet works mostly with an attuned animal. Attuning a raptor is an involved process, requiring many months of training, ideally starting very soon after hatching. The process can be faster if the raptor in question has high intelligence, or has some form of magical tie with the bearer of the gauntlet (i.e. a familiar, ritually bound, etc).

The wearer must also attune the gauntlet itself, and over many years of study - or great services in the cause of the King of All Eagles - they can attain greater levels of attunement.

The wearer can attune up to 1 raptor per level of gauntlet attunement.

Level 1:

  • Provides skill bonuses for Falconry and related skills/tasks. 
  • Can give complex commands to an attuned raptor perched on the gauntlet.

Level 2:

  • Provides ability to send commands to an attuned raptor within line of sight.
  • Can summon a wild raptor once per day with the option to begin attuning it.

Level 3: 

  • Heal attuned raptor once per day. See through the eyes of an attuned raptor within line of sight.
  • Orders can be sent telepathically regardless of distance or line of sight.

Level 4:

  • Resurrect attuned raptor once per month.
  • Wearer can take Raptor form once per week.
  • Unlimited range on seeing through raptor eyes.
  • Can possess an attuned raptor but this causes the attuning to be lost afterwards. Awakened raptors can only be possessed if they are willing.

Level 5:

  • Transform Attuned raptor to phoenix for 30 minutes.
  • Awaken attuned Raptor (Grant sentience and human-level intelligence) once per season to a maximum of 4 Awakened raptors.

Level 6:

  • Can request assistance from the King of All Eagles once per year.
  • Can have up to 6 awakened raptors

Awakened raptors are no longer bound to the wearer by magic but will generally serve out of loyalty. They still count as attuned with regards to the effects of this gauntlet though no longer count towards the attunement limit.

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