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SC: Interesting Weapons- Non-Magic

Interesting Weapons- Non-Magic

Every item does not need to be POWERFUL... EXOTIC... MYTHIC, but it does need to be interesting or useful. After all, if the item is not useful in some way.... why did anyone take the time and materials to make it?

Every item does not need to be "magic" or "powerful". Many perfectly mundane (in the non magical sense) weapons have:
*) Interesting back stories. Perfectly non magical weapons can be noted weapons with a place in history, part of legends, or associated with great heroes.

*) Important places in their cultures. Katanas for an example. Heraldic shields for another. These weapons are often symbols of some group, social class, or culture. These are normally a type of weapon post.

*) Just a detailed weapon. These weapons are not your everyday weapons list kind of things. They have more to them than some simple specifications. These are not common weapons you have seen on a half dozen weapons lists. They will have elements of shape or descriptions that makes it special and different. These are normally a type of weapon post.

That is what these threads are for. Perfectly normal, non magical weapons have a place here too.

One Caveat. If the weapon you are thinking of is "funky", having some odd combination of blades or chains or pointy things, the question we have to ask... is this weapon feasable and practical? If it is not, then do not add it, it will be deleted.

Almost every possible combination of weapons have been tried in a variety of cultures. Useful weapons were kept and more of them made, while those that were not really useful were ignored. So you might have a "cool idea" for a weapon, but you need to think hard about if it is really useful (doing a little historical weapon research might be useful too.)

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If you want to add things to this codex, might I suggest reading Incarnadine's [Weapons and Realism] first? This way you will get a feel for weapons that could really exist. We like historical variations of weapons as well. Firearms also work, but we stick towards melee and missle weapons here.

If you don't want to follow the link, simply put 1802 in the search box and it should come up.

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5/5 for this brilliant weapon and it's backstory.

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Weapons are mostly a yawn factor to me, but this Codex offers a great collection of them, no magic also a plus.

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So now I ask you to come back to our regularly scheduled thread. Take a look at how special, regular weapons can be. I think you will find it fascinating.

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A scroll with very useful potential. (Now if I could just get my hands on some more research material to finish my weapons projects...)

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