The Axe has long been a ethnic symbol of Ozea, dating back more than a millenium. Being a pragmatic people, the sword was seldom used as it really only has one use, and that is for warfare alone. The axe is an equally lethal weapon that can be used for other tasks, such as wood splitting, construction, and the like.

Peasant Axe
As its name implies, this is the most common weapon/tool found in Ozea and it is a single bladed axe lacking in ornamentation. It is light enough to be swung one handed in concert with the usage of a shield. The handle is long enough for it to be used two handed as a tool. The back is flat, and can double as a hammer.

Long Axe
A weapon of enlisted militias, the long axe is a pole arm that mounts a small axe head with a long spear point, to create a rather intimidating looking weapon that can thrust or chop as the situation requires. Ozian levies often use the long axe in phalanxes when facing mounted foes or foes who lack ranged weapons.

Bailiff Axe
The weapon of landed warriors, knights in more common parlance. It is a hand and a half axe that can be used one or two handed, and from horseback. It has a large cresent moon shaped blade, and many are quite decorated with etchings, carvings, or ornamented spikes at the tip. One Bailiff Ettinbald had a notched axe that was a terror to the tribes of the plains.

Maynor Axe
This large battle axe is notable for its double cresent moon blades. It is a heavy weapon that requires two hands to use and is mainly raised in defence of the home and hearth.

War Axe
A commoner version of the Maynor Axe, the war axe has double blades, but lacks the noble cresent shape, instead each blade has a rectangular profile and some call it a double-cleaver rather than an axe.

Tomb Axe
This is a short handled axe made of high purity copper to be placed with the dead when they are placed in their crypts and tombs. This tradition, and the associated Coppersmiths date back to Ozea's settlement and the tradition of burying a warrior with his weapons and tools. The tradition has changed, and now the dead are buried with copper versions of their weapons, in homage to their ancestors use of copper before mastering the working of brass, bronze, and steel.

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