This submission is part of the much maligned Interesting Weapons- Non-Magic scroll

These are a unique style of blades found in China. It is a specific weapon type, like Flambeau or Great Sword. So there are hundreds of thousands of these weapons. They are not magical, except in the means of the static magics inherient in the weapons due to culture.

Full Item Description
This is the largest of the conventional swords for the Chinese. It weights 7 lbs (3kgs) is 36" (90 cms) of solid combat steel blade - 2.5" x.5" at forte (6.3 x 1.2cm). The handle adds another 9" (22cms) to the length of the weapon.

The guard is tradionally of a demonic face cast in brass. This allows it to "scare away" bad luck and spirits, as well as make the weapon more fearsome.

Developed in the Han Era, this weapon became popular in the heavy infantry.

Magic/Cursed Properties
It is called the Spring and Autumn sword because it brings new beginings and new endings.

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