Full Item Description
The Bat School of Blademaking comes from this Province. There is no one single master the blade makers are descended from, nor are the blades known to be mastered work. Yet the tradition of bladesmithing here is quite strong and all the blades are of above average quality. A scalloping (akin to a bat wing) is seen sharpening pattern along the blades.

In raw design, the blades are imperial in size and shape (Weight 3 lbs (1.5 kgs) and is 35' long (30' blade, 75 cms) - a bit thinner and shorter than an European broadsword. The handle is dark stained wood with a tiny pommel guard resembling a bottle cap. The Guard aways has a bat motif. The guard is wider than most nearly six inches (19cms) instead the standard 4' (10cms), expressing a bat wing shape. The wing is often intricately designed into the guard. The center of the guard has a bat head. Sometimes the blade is coming out of its mouth as a tongue, sometimes the bat is staring at you (with two red stone eyes), sometimes it is just there.

In the North West Province, Bats are considered Evil (as they are creatures of darkness and bring disease), but are still a sign of good luck. The presence of bats around one (as many locals dig out caves or put up bat sheds) shows a Sly Dark One's Luck. (In reality, Bats eat locusts, locust pupae, and many other disruptive pests, so farmers with bats near by have better crops). The people of this province have a love hate relationship with these creatures.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The blades are said to be bring A Dark One's Luck to the possessor in combat and the rest of their life. That is to say an extreme, almost unnatural luck. Given the quality of the blades, their lasting sharpness, and the extra protection given by the guard, it could explain the extra edge that Bat Blade Wielders are said to have. Bat Blades are also coveted by Gamblers and Fortune Tellers.

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