Full Item Description
Strangely, the outside edge of the hyperdoily is geometrically perfectly circular, improbable at best for a hand-knit thing. The threads of its construction, whose patterns bend the eye in a pleasingly painful arc, thread through the spectrum of colors as well, seemingly at random, though only through colors for which man has no name.

The hyperdoily was created one cold winter's afternoon, when a bored maid found the spool of threads of space-time left over when Alfred Uhrzeit had finished his mighty golem. And having thread and needle, but not much thread, she sat down and started to knit a doily, thinking that the master might like his pastries served on it. Little did she know what she was making, until she was found with it in hand, perfectly, magically stilled.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Coiled from the stuff of space time itself, the hyperdoily does a magnificent job of tangling time in its immediate area. So much so, in fact, that anything directly touching the hyperdoily is effectively immune to the flow of time - while it will continue to exist, it is 'outside' the passage of time, rendering it in a state of perfect stasis, until it is removed from the doily.

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