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Standing roughly six foot tall, the bacon elemental is a writhing mass of meat in a roughly humanoid shape, emitting the smell of frying bacon at all times, the smell as delicious as the sight is repugnant. From it drips an eternal flow of hot grease, spattering wherever it goes.

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First created by accident, the bacon elemental was created when a small fire cult, having stolen away to a farmer's barn to summon their first spirit in secret was interrupted during their ritual, which was to occur as the dawnfire of the sun first spread across the sky. At the crack of dawn the daughter of the farmer who owned the barn had barged into the barn, intend on selecting a pig, with bacon on her mind. Her thoughts of bacon joined with the ritual thoughts of fire, conjuring a creature made of naught but bacon, under the effects of fire - bacon in the process of cooking. Screaming and rushing from the building, she was soon followed by the cultists, quite disappointed in their summoning, and their (in)ability to control it. Soon, it wandered off, in search of more pigs to stoke its flesh.

The essence of a tasty breakfast, the bacon elemental mostly just raids farms in search of pigs to join its writhing mass of bacon, leaving behind a trail of grease and bacon bits, though it has also been known to attack adventurers during their breakfasts. When attacked or attacking, its primary defense is to attempt to engulf the opponent inside its own greasy body, deep frying them rather rapidly, though it can also fling hot grease at attackers, and control and animate any near by bacon - commonly found in adventurer's ration packs.

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Cult of Bacon Bits - Dedicated to following their bacon diety and gathering up the dropped bacon bits to be generously applied to their lunch salad. They believe the bacon elemental is immortal so welcome adventurers trying to slay it. The resulting larger bacon droppings from the battle empower them and assist their growing girth.

Grease Maids - While they are not direct followers of the bacon elemental they definitely take advantage of the elementals leftovers. Working in conjunction with the Cult of Bacon Bits, the Grease Maid's prize is the small, cooled clumps of bacon grease that gathers when the elemental frequently stands immobile. The Grease Maid's Fried Apples and Fried Potatoes made up with what they find are the favorites.