The Need
Corran was cold. The fire wasn't hot enough, his house needed some holes plugged, and a breeze was ripping though his house.
He'd had enough. First, he threw a log in the fire. When that snuffed out the tiny flame, Corran rummaged around, found his Walking Stick of Vulcan, pointed it at the flames, and spoke.


Flames erupted from the end of the walking stick, searing into the wounds, hitting the back of the chimney, and rebounded back, scorching Corran's feet. He stumbled back, landing on the flagstone floor of his house, butt first.

"Bah. This just won't do." Corran muttered.

The Making
A blanket. That would solve his issues. No drafts, portable, plus the other uses. Corran searched about for a good blanket to work his craft on, but to no avail.

"WHAT? Just how much is that rug again?" Oh no, there's no way I'm paying that much for blanket!"

Then he saw it. The cloak. Some merchant had laid it out, the tattered threads that made it up betraying numerous holes, red stains hanging around the edge of every hole.

"Well well well. The damage from the mice shouldn't be much- although this wine stain will have to come out. Corran yelled for the merchant "You sir, how much for this?" He inquired, holding up the robe.
The merchant stroked his beard "If you'll let me get back to paying customers, you can take the dang thing for free.

Corran went home, laboring into the night on his creation. First he washed the wine (blood) stains from the cloak, repairing the holes in the cloak through patches taken from the clothes of his neighbors' clothing lines. One patch was from a peasant's burlap-like pants, another from a fine silk dress, and the last from a pair of elven underwear.

Sleep called to Corran- he answered the summons from slumber, falling into his bed, asleep before he knew he was in bed.

"Well I be, I shouldn't have left that cloak there!" Corran muttered when he awoke "Burned to hell!" He picked up the remains of his work- to discover the patches were no longer visible, the material was new, his cloak now perfect. Purged in the flames of the Walking Stick of Vulcan.

Magic Properties and Appearance
Corran's cloak is a light-weight cloak made of an indeterminate material- the cloak is durable like burlap, but as fine and smooth as the finest cloth. The cloak is wide enough to envelope someone, and reaches down to just above a person's ankles. The color of the cloak changes with the surrounding environment, and the time of day. The most common colors are brown, green, gray, black and a lighter blue. The cloak will change into patterns of such colors for use as concealment. The cloak must be secured with a separate broach, as Corran already had one on hand.

The cloak changes in response to the environment it is in, shifting colors slowly, going unnoticed unless under close observation. The cloak is suitable as an aid for hiding.
The cloak is water resistant, but not perfectly so. (Good up until a real down-pour.)
Corran's Cloak offers protection against normal cold.
The Cloak changes lengths to suit the person wearing it.

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