Special Equipment:

Several dozen powerful magik items of his own creation. See the items listed below as guides.


Corvus was the original. He created the archetypical wizard appearance... white beard, wrinkles, robes and pointy hat. His eyes, they shone with a blue madness.


The early history of Corvus has been lost to the sands of time. He perfected the art of mystical creation to a degree never seen before or since. It was said to drive him mad. In his insanity, he created thousands of magikal items ranging from reality altering orbs to simple glow balls. No matter what item he created, it was always a little odd; a firewand randomly lit candles and lamps it is near by, magikal weapons that require times of peace before they can be used again. The examples are endless. It became his trademark.

He retired to a country estate where he created most of items. The area is still called Corvis (The modern corruption of Corvus) to this day. One day, his tower went voop and everything in it... including parts of Corvus were spread to the corners of the world.

Roleplaying Notes:

Corvus is not a character. He is a part of history. He is a reason for magikal items spewed in unlikely places across the world and the source of all items of intense power.

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