The Dragon Carved Egg, is a perfect crystal egg, the size of a goose egg, etched with images of a pride of dragons. It grants one immunity from Dragon magiks and breath (which is a type of magik).

That is the one power it is sought for and fought over. However, it has another. The ability to manipulate any dragon anywhere int he world. This ability is not granted to the person holding it. This ability is only exercised by the Egg itself. Like many of Corvus items, it is intelligent and a bit odd.

The Egg has studied Dragons for over 1100 years. It has come to a simple conclusion: Dragons are annoying creatures. It uses its abilities to keep Dragons out of civilized lands or minimizes their impact upon a country. While humans are not annoying, the Egg considers them 'not yet interesting' and will not bother to communicate mentally with one.

The Egg is aware of its surroundings. It spends most of its time in quiet contempation and meditation about the universe. However, if there is a great deal of rudness or stupidity about, a dragon might be summoned to take care of the problem. If one dragon would not do, the Egg will call forth an army of them.

Long ago, Corvus created a vast number of magikal crystal orbs of various sizes, most of which were incorporated into other items. These orbs housed magikally created intelligences with the following powers:
1) The ability to influence and manipulate the minds of those around it to some degree.
2) The ability to communicate with any other Orb at any range, if it desires. The Dragon Egg will frequently converse with its immortal orb 'siblings'. The only orbs that are commonly contacted are the Glow Orbs of the Great Library.
3) The ability to block or diffuse the power of another orb, 100% magik resistance against orb magik. It can sometimes grant that ability to others or use the power at range.
4) The ability to be nearly unbreakable (they are crystal after all) This item can only be broken if thrown into a volcanic pit or other similiarly naturally hot location.
5) 1-5 Magikal abilities to fufill its original purpose as a tool for Corvus. They were originally made as assistants and aides for Corvus. Since they have outlasted him and anyone who knew much about them, they are now free to follow their own agendas.

Magical Properties:

The ability to manipulate Dragons anywhere in the world.
Immunity to Dragon Magiks, Breath, and Abilities. (Not immunity to Dragon claws and tails... much to the suprise of many adventurers.)

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