GalwaEnchena is a silvered broadsword, with a golden metal twine handle. It bares the etching, GalwaEnchena, along its length, and on the otherside side the phrase, 'to those willing'. It is of excellent craftsmanship, if considered as a mundane weapon. It glows slightly because of its magikal nature.

Alyen the Wise, known as Alyen the Bloody, King of Western Marches. He searched out the finest magic crafter of the ages, Corvus, to forge the ultimate weapon- one which would allow a single man to destroy another army, or even a God.

(It is said that this weapon is the reason why Gods no longer manifest upon the world.)

Corvus hated war, as it was wasteful, but in his madness could not resist the challange of making the ultimate weapon. It was forged in the fires of the Anchilles Mountains. (In fact there is a temple now at the site of the forging.) In one moonspan, it was completed. The magiks were complicated, and needed to be empowered, but no foe could stand up to the weapon.

It was after contemplating this gift that Alyen became The Wise. For he never used the weapon.

Magical Properties:

The Ultimate weapon will kill anything manifesting on the material plane, for a price. The target has No Save, No Resurrection, and No Reincarnation. The weapon cuts them out of the web of the world. They are very dead. As time goes on, no one remembers they existed, and evidence of their existance changes and fades. They become dead and forgotten, lost to time.

The target can be a single being to an army under the same flag/ unit colors. The wielder just needs to be able to visualize the target; set them in their mind. Most people require line of site to slay people they don't know or a large number of people like an army or unit.

The Price to use this weapon? A willingness to give up their own life, their own chance of reincarnation, have no chance of resurrection, and to be cut out of the web of the world. As time goes on, no one knows remembers they existed, and evidence of their existance changes and fades. They as become dead and forgotten as their victim.

This weapon also has a karma charmed weaved into it. It can never be lost for long. It will always find its way into the right persons hands. That person must face the choice to use or not use the weapon.

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