Full Item Description
It is a staff of smooth dark wood. It's head and foot has an intricate dragon motiff. The head of the staff is a 2 cm (1") blue globe.

Originally called the Staff of the Elderly Magi, Corvus, Corvus created this item towards the latter part of his natural lifetime. It was what extended his life to the thing of legends.

As the Grand Staff of the Black Dragon Magi. The Grand Staff was a powerful artifact from ages gone by. It had gone by a number of names until that the time it was used by the Dragon Magi and his dark cult to conquer a good portion of this land, four hundred years ago. They were a blight upon the land, nearly destroying civilization in these parts. The Sagas have it that the Staff was destroyed in the final conflict between the man that they would eventually appoint king (and his heroic Company) and the Black Dragon Magi and his minions.

The blue stone, mounted on a powerful standard magikal staff, had immense powers. It could amplify the skills and abilities of anyone wielding it. The Black Dragon Magi created a small talisman (a Galron Stones variation), that every member of the Black Dragon cult wore a copy of, that shared that ability. They were nearly unstoppable. They nearly destroyed civilization as it was known. Yet at the end, the Heroes managed to foil the Black Dragon Magi... reversing his powers. The Black Dragon Magi and his horde was easily defeated by the Heroes. When someone foolishly broke the Staff of the Magi the explosion dispersed the parts (and the hapless adventurer) across the land.

Now this is the legendary item, See the real story in the links below.

Magic/Cursed Properties
It is said to have the ability to increase the abilities of its wielder. It was able to gift this ability to anyone, beyond the wielder.

It is also said that the staff will eventually corrupt its wielder, as they will seek more and more power/ skills/ abilities.

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