The Trollshaw Staff was commisioned by a now unknown Ranger of the Deepwoods Region of the Midlands. While trolls are indeed common in that region, it is remote and largely uninhabited by humans. The common Madlander knows nothing of thier Trollish neighbors, but as the great towns grew into cities and the farms grew larger and farther away from the soldiers and patrols of the castles, conflict with the trolls and the orcs were inevitable. The orcs were not so difficult to deal with, some were 'civilized' and given the proper faith of the Trinitine Church. The rest were bribed, relocated, or battled with the sword and the spear.

Trolls, being both very hardy, elusive, and almost impossible to communicate with or even to maim proved a greater challenge. A motley of trolls could decimate smaller communities with ease. During the expansion into the Deepwood Swarding, several communities were driven out by marauding bands of newly well-fed trolls. The Ranger sought out an accomplished enchanter to create for him an object of power that would allow him to communicate with the trolls, and to keep them from dashing out his brains on the spot and eating him raw, as trolls are want to do.

The Enchanter took to the task, and completed the item in just about a year. The Ranger took delivery of the staff, and paid the Enchanter. He then took the staff into the Deepwood and tried to contact the trolls, though it would seem that his plan was doomed to fail. THe Staff allowed him to appear as a troll and speak as one, but it doesnt have any sort of compensation for angering a troll, or for understanding trollish humor...

Magic/Cursed Properties
The main power of the Trollshaw Staff is the ability of the staff to make it's bearer 'acceptible company' to Trolls. Most trolls consider humans, and really anything smaller than they are as food. Things larger than them are also considered 'alot of food' by trolls. So long as the staff is wielded, the wielder is considered 'troll' to other trolls. Conversely, the wielder is also viewed as a troll by other humans, though in a social manner, not a physical manner.

The wielder is also able to communicate fluently in Trollshaw, the native tongue of the trolls. Considering the temperament of the average troll, the Ranger thought this was enough. What he did not count on was the fact that despite their bestial appetites and enimity towards humanity, trolls were social enough to have taboos, humor, and other social establishments, even if they didnt build homes, pay taxes, or hang out at the pub. After talking with the ranger for a few minutes, the trolls decided that the new troll was obviously sick in the head, and should be put down, to protect the species.

Well, that is the long and explanatory method. The trolls decided they didn't like the Ranger-Troll and decided to smash him and eat the bits. Unfortunately for the Ranger, he didn't know that trolls were not above cannibalism...

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