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Andorana's dirge is a beatifully crafted dagger, its blade long and intricately folded into a series of serpentine folds and bizaare fluting, and decorated with a series of symbols, that, properly interpreted, prove out to be a short, but solemnly poignant verse of music.


Many years ago, a musician with a ragged and haunted look in his eyes came unto Clan Ironspirit, and requested audience with the Master of the forge. Awake at the time, Adan Ironspirit himself attended to the man, as he requested, 'The woman I loved, Andorana, has been slain, and I seek a tool of vengance.'

For many moments, the Eldest Smith considered the man, before he said, finally, 'And vengance you shall have, and this shall be the price. You shall give unto me your pipe, and you shall compose the requiem of your love, and you shall sing it unto me as I labor.'

And so, it was done. Adan took the flute, and from it, he made the twisted blade of a dagger, such that when it was wielded in combat, it would sing the very song sung to him in the heat of his forge. And he gave it unto the songsmith, and said, 'Go, and have thy love's vengance.'

And so, the man left, and sought out the one whom he blamed for his lover's death. And in time, the dagger was found, two dead men slain by it, both twisted by the marks of the dagger, and by a terrible sorrow, one that would not relax even in death.

Magic/Cursed Properties

Whenever wielded in anger or vengance, Andorana's Dirge will sing forth the dark emotions of all parties involved, filling both attacker and defender with rage and grief, and if a third party is involved, their (remembered) sorrow as well. Unless the attacker can master these emotions, he will turn upon himself once his victim is fallen, in a rush of overpowering grief and guilt.

The song of Andorana's dirge is dreadfully beautiful, and onlookers can only watch, captivated by the dark song's heavenly horror, unless they too, can break the hold of those emotions.

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