1-The William Bligh

The Bligh is a strict disciplinarian with a great like of screaming and swearing at his men, who know the fearsome punishments that await them if they dare talk back.Despite this, he does care for his men's health, making sure that he never goes to sea without fresh fruit on board. He has also ordered less floggings then many other captains, and has yet to order a hanging at the yardarm. All the same, he is not popular with either the other officers or the men, and in the wrong circumstances he could easily find himself on the wrong end of a mutiny.

2-The Fletcher Christian

Having led a mutiny against his tyrannical captain and put him and his loyalists adrift in an open boat, the Fletcher Christian knows that he can never go home again without being hanged for mutiny. He is looking for an out of the way island with a fresh water source where he and his fellow mutineers can live the rest of their lives in peace. Worried that the crew might mutiny again against him, he wears two pistols and a cutlass in his belt at all times.

3-The Matushenko

A true revolutionary who was conscripted into the Navy and rose to quartermaster rank, he successfully incited his fellow sailors to mutiny and now controls the most powerful ship in the entire Navy. He has high hopes of sparking off the flames of revolution on land by bombarding one of the biggest cities in the region, but by no means all the crew are united in the belief that they were right to mutiny and risk hanging if captured alive.

4-The Drake

The Drake is a truly brave naval commander, not afraid to attack enemy fleets in harbor, fight in open battle with his men and take on even the most formidable opposing fleets. Very popular with his men, he has made a name for himself attacking the treasure convoys of his country's chief international rival, and giving a large share of the loot to his monarch. His foes abroad long to have him hanged, but there is no way that he would ever be extradited.

5-The Themistocles

Facing an opposing naval fleet that is far bigger then his, he has decided to try and lure it into fighting in narrow straits where it won't be able to manoeuvre properly, leaving it open to ramming and concentrated naval gunfire, with the aid of a double agent posing as a traitor. The chances of success are slight, but if he fails the way will be clear for the invasion of his country.

6-The Thomas Kydd

The Thomas Kydd never intended to go to sea, but was grabbed by a press gang in a tavern one night and pressed into the Navy. He decided to make the best of it, and worked his way up to able seaman and then to petty officer after a few years. When he saved the life of his captain in a sea battle, the grateful captain appointed him as a midshipman, the lowest of the commissioned ranks. He slowly but steadily worked his way up through the ranks and is today the captain of his own ship and loves his life in the Navy. Whilst he knows what it was like to be an ordinary seaman, he will not hesitate to flog or even hang his own sailors to preserve discipline and prevent a mutiny breaking out.

7-The Anson

This elderly admiral rarely goes to sea anymore, but he concentrates on logistics and the vital supplies of cannon balls and gunpowder, food, water and rum, the building and crewing of new ships, and everything else that the large Navy of his country needs to be truly great. He cares for the men as well, making sure that they are properly paid, that their wounds are properly treated, and that captains that are constantly cruel are removed from command and in the very worst cases, court-martialed. Although a friend of the sailors, he has no mercy on mutineers and traitors.

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