1-Ring of Girl

Made for a rich merchant who was annoyed with the unladylike antics of his tomboy daughter, if a girl wears it, it makes her behave in a dignified, ladylike manner at all times, no matter how she is really feeling. If a male wears it, it makes him act in a ladylike manner as well, which is useful if for some reason he needs to cross dress and very embarrassing otherwise. It can only be taken off by the giver of the ring, or by removing the finger that it is on.

2-Ring of Hurl

Made by a talented battle-mage, it gives the wearer the ability to hurl rocks and stones three times further then normal; with a sling, this is further magnified by three times the power of the sling. What it does not do is give the user super strength, so trying to pick up too large a rock will strain or even pull the muscles of the wearer or just be impossible.

3-Ring of Pearl

The ring of pearl is a powerful thing; as long as sunlight shines on the ring, the wearer can breath underwater as if he or she were in air and remain immune to the water's cold and pressure. The problem is, that it only works in sunlight. Below thirty-three feet, the light rapidly fades; exploring the dark abyssal zone is impossible with the ring; sunken ships, houses and caves cannot be entered unless the sunlight can shine through; and if the sun is covered by the clouds, the user must swim to the surface quickly or perish in the cold water. It is best used only on fine, sunny days with no clouds in the sky and a hook in the hand to pull things out of the shadows.

4-Ring of Skirl

The only magical power that this ring has is that it gives the wearer the ability to play the bagpipes perfectly, without needing lessons in how to play them. Some Highland regimental bands are issued with this ring during ceremonial parades.

5-Ring of Bang

This large ring with a gemstone set in it is magically keyed to it's legal owner. If anybody steals it be it by force or fraud then after it has been worn for five minutes it explodes and blasts the thief's finger right off. A nasty booby-trap for thieves and robbers.

6-Ring of Pang

Whoever wears this ring will not suffer from the pangs of hunger or thirst-until he or she keels over and dies. It does not make the wearer not need food and water, it just masks the pain from being without them. Useful for going on a diet or short rations, but the wearer must remember to eat and drink.

7-Ring of Hang

If someone is wearing this ring they may not die from the noose or garrotte or the thugee's scarf. Gallows trapdoors will jam shut, ropes and wires will snap, and anything used to cut the air off will either break or jam or be magically stopped from working. It has no effect on warding off any other form of death, however.

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