1-Cutie Mark

Only one of these tattoos may be worn by any person-those who try to add more find themselves stuck preforming the things that the tattoos indicate until all but one of them is removed. Depending on what it is, this grants one special talent. Some cutie marks may be banned in certain or all lands, and they also stop other magical tattoos from working, so many choose not to get one.


This is one of the magical tattoos that is very much unwanted and generally inflicted on someone's throat as part of a judicial sentence. It acts as a tag and when someone commits a crime it starts shouting loudly what they have done until the person is arrested by law enforcement. To remove it, it needs to be cut out, which is why it is put on the throat to make that impossible.

3-Guten Tag

The merchants of the Guten Company bestow this tattoo as an honor for their biggest customers, and it enables them to a 25% discount in the Company's many shops and stores. They have a magical way to make sure such tattoos are indeed genuine by passing a magic wand over the tattoo causing it to glow golden in the werelight.

4-In The Army Now

Red for volunteers, Gold for officers and Blue for conscripts, this is put on the sword hand of military volunteers and  military officers and the forehead of military conscripts, and it's purpose is to make it easier to identify deserters so that they can be captured and punished, with a whipping or a short period of prison in peacetime and with the gallows in wartime.

5-Blood Group

Useful for those in the military, those with blood disorders and the hypochondriacs, this is on the armpit and has the person's blood group in case a blood transfusion is needed later.

6-Exiled One

Placed around the throat of those who are exiled for serious offences that don't quite deserve death, these explode and blow the person's head off if he or she enters any town or village, thus forcing them to live far from their fellows.


Placed somewhere out of sight, this gives a small bonus of luck whilst gambling and casino owners greatly frown on those with it who attempt to gamble in their establishments. 

8-Seal of Nobility

Placed on the hand of the noble families, both men and women, this grants numerous benefits. Shop owners must grant a one third discount to nobles. It also grants immunity from crimes committed against non nobles unless said crimes are of a disgusting nature, and if there is a war and those with this tattoo are captured, they are far more likely to be ransomed then slaughtered or enslaved. Someone found to wrongly have this tattoo, at best will lose his or her hand, and will be executed at worst.

9-Regulator Mark

This identifies The Regulators to each other when they are not wearing their colors, and is on the upper bicep. If they find someone wrongly wearing it, they tend to cut or burn it off very painfully indeed.

10-Water Gourd

This is normally worn on the hand or upper arm, and if in a situation where one has nothing to drink and really needs to drink, one can drink one's blood through this and the spell turns the blood to water as it comes out. Drinking too much will weaken or even kill the wearer, so it is not something to be done lightly.


Touching this causes invisibility, but the magic of the tattoo only lasts for an hour per day. Failure to keep track of time means the wearer will reappear often at the worst possible time. Most countries ban this tattoo because it's magic is so often misused.

12-Imperial Citizen

A large empire uses these to identify it's citizens, who have various rights that are denied to non-citizens, and various obligations as well, such as military conscription in times of war for example. Those found illegally wearing it are enslaved and used for the worst jobs.

13-Skull and Bones

Getting this tattoo is part of what necromancers need to cast the magic to raise the dead. As might be expected, almost all countries ban necromancy and some punish it with the death penalty, so the tattoo is normally kept hidden out of sight.


Tattooed on the palm of each hand and good for five uses per hand, when a magical spell is spoken and the palm is held with the fingers splayed out, a fireball erupts from the hand. At close range, this will always hit the target, at longer range, living or undead beings have a good chance of dodging it as long as they are able to move.


When underwater in fresh or salt water these gills let the wearer breath, although they grant no other benefits and if the water is too cold, the wearer will still die quickly unless he or she can get out of the water soon. This is a tattoo often worn by sailors, as it lowers the danger of death by shipwreck.


This gives a small bonus to seducing somebody, without having the power and illegality of a love spell. Unlike a love spell, it does not make the target of seduction fall in love right away, and by itself it doesn't do anything. The wearer has to put the work in to earn the love of his or her love interest.


When you find the person destined to be your true love, this mark lets you know. If he or she also has a soulmark tattoo, then both you and he/she fall in love on the spot, otherwise you will have to convince your soulmate to fall in love with you in the normal way.

18-Vein of Ore

Worn by miners, this gives a bonus in luck when it comes to finding veins of ore, be they gold, silver, coal or some other valuable mineral that is worth the trouble of digging out. 

19-Red Cross

This acts like a vaccination towards diseases, reducing the chance of getting sick or even eliminating it altogether, although if you are already sick, the tattoo will not heal you on it's own. Some countries might make this tattoo compulsory.


This reverses the desire to sleep at night and stay awake in the day with it's opposite and is used by those who legally work at night-and by certain members of the underworld as well.


This tattoo acts, in effect, as an antidepressant for those who are depressed, but if worn when there is no depression can turn it's wearer manic.

22-Broken Tomb

This is the symbol of The Royal Recoverers and, along with a copper badge, entitles it's wearer when ordered to by higher authority to break into royal tombs legally, being paid with a share of the royal treasures buried within such tombs. When legal exhumations are needed either to investigate a crime, or move and/or cremate bodies so the land can be reused for development, it is the Royal Recoverers who do these jobs as well.

23-Holy Symbol

Monks of (insert God or Goddess here) wear this on their forehead as a symbol of their strong religious belief.

24-Broken Wheel of Mathom

For this tattoo to have powers, it must be blessed by a Priest or Priestess of Mathom, the God of Delays. This is quite hard to  do because other things always seem to get in the way, but if it is successfully done, it gives the wearer the powers of a Priest or Priestess of Mathom, enabling them to delay others, but having the same affect on them. Not many would want to bear such a tattoo for obvious reasons.

25-Bone bit.

Magical surgeons use this to repair broken bones and even broken necks, and can bring movement back even to someone who is paralyzed as a result, but it uses all the magic latent within the tattoo's wearer, preventing them from ever using magic again.


This gives limited resistance to cold and frostbite damage, but it is far from perfect protection, and has the side effect of making the wearer more vulnerable to heat damage and sunstroke in hot conditions.


This gives limited resistance to heat and sunstroke damage, but it is far from perfect protection, and has the side effect of making the wearer more vulnerable to cold damage and frostbite in cold conditions.

28-Black Heart

Generally only worn by those who have had bad experiences with love and want no more of it, this prevents the wearer from ever feeling romantic love for anyone again, unless a love potion is taken, willingly or otherwise.


Gives the person increased powers of thought, but if the tattoo is damaged, this causes severe damage to the brain, so it is not a tattoo worn by soldiers or warriors.

30-Slave Mark

Inflicted on slaves, this causes pain if they don't do what they are told and also makes slaves easy to identify as slaves if they dare to run away from their Master or Mistress so that they can be more easily captured and returned.

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