1. One of 30 imps appears and will serve the planter for 101 days, after which it will attempt to slay them and drag their soul to hell. During their servitude they will do their utmost to corrupt their ‘master'. If attacked by their master, they simply disappear. 1 hour later, a greater demon will arrive to wreak vengeance on the imp's behalf.

2. A Tree grows up into a fully grown Treeman. Draw from the excellent 30 Treemen by Echomirage for the tree. The treeman is quite confused and is treated as a clone of the original. The treeman will look upon the planter as a friend.

3. A massive eye on the end of a tentacle bursts out of the ground and gives long, penetrating looks at all nearby. It then disappears back in the ground. If the hole is excavated, small boxes - one for everyone, can be found. Each contains a small gift appropriate to the person named, from this list

4. The hole widens to 2' and a ladder pokes out. A group of 6 very industrious dwarves come out bearing tools. They immediately set to work building a fortress on this location. They seem to have an endless supply of stone in the pit, though anyone else who goes down sees a simple 10' diameter hole in the earth. The dwarves will carry on building the castle,upgrading it over time and adding successive rings of defense. Should they be attacked, all six vanish, never to return. This building could go on for generations if they are unmolested.

5. A loud rumble, and a massive statue emerges from the ground, growing to a figure 100' high. The statue is of the planter, 50% it is nude.

6. A large egg pushes itself out. If incubated, it either hatches as an adult The Moadi-Bird or a 1d4 hungry Ozpecks

7. A golden fountain depicting angles with water spewing from their lips. This water is a powerful healing compound the first time it is drank by a particular individual. Subsequently, it acts as a strongly caustic acid. Once it has injured someone the entire thing disappears.

8. A large bush emerges and grows a bunch of candle-like flowers. Turns out they are candles, and magic ones at that - it has 5-20 (5d4) Magic Candles

9 . Ground surrounding the hole becomes saturated with water and takes on the consistency of quicksand. This effect increases radius by 10'/'minute for 2d4 minutes. Only hard stone is immune to this effect - softer stone is rendered into wet clay. The effect is permanent

10. A small swarm of flying eyeballs bursts from the ground and begin chasing anyone nearby. If they contact solidly with a torso, the target is subject to a random curse.

11. One of Plants of the Garden-Fortress begins to grow and reaches maturity in 10 minutes.

12. New road forms, growing at jogging speed. It will build bridges across small bodies of water and eventually lead to an old, abandoned city, possibly by traversing dangerous lands.

13. Bean transforms into a wonderful plant-based Destrier, see 30 Horses for possible horse types. The plant-horse requires only water and sunlight to survive but dies quickly if the temperature goes below freezing. It must rest when the sun is down. The horse will be friendly towards the planter but will not tolerate other horses coming near it. 3 months later, the horse will wilt and sprout 2d6 additional magic beans, one of which is certain to become another horse of this nature.

14. A large cactus springs up, with large, sharp spines. These spines, if picked, act as Centipede Nails. 200-300 nails available.

15. A green man-sized cocoon pushes its way to the surface. It opens up to reveal an elf. The elf is a powerful sorcerer who is affected by profound amnesia, not even knowing their race and speaking an alien dialect of Elvish. The elf will be friendly at first to the planter, subject to his treatment.

16. Gravestones begin to erupt out of the ground at a rate of 1/minute for 2d10 minutes. 3 minutes after a stone emerges, a random Zombie Freak will emerge and attack.

17. A large plan with lots of flute-like flowers grows up. If disturbed, they being to play. It acts as 4x strength Whistle of Big Game Summoning. If destroyed, one flower can be kept as one.

18. After planting,a small hole appears and begins spewing Angthers Magic Marbles at the rate of 1 /minute. After 7 marbles are expelled, the next thing expelled is a small stone that causes a small explosion.

19. An area of 300' radius begins to rise up, tearing free from the earth. The piece is as deep as the radius and will rise 1000' from the ground at a rate of 1' minute. Once floating, it will drift randomly, moving at 3 mph and changing direction every 2d12 hours.

20. A ring of mushrooms forms - 20' wide. This is a Fae circle and very soon fairies or other Fae will be drawn to the location.

21. A cluster of Greendeath, 2d6 strong, emerge from the ground.

22. A new parcel of land comes into being - it takes an area of land about 100' square and balloons it out to 10 miles by 10 miles. The terrain is roughly the same as the original plot, with added hills and forests. The entire area will be very magical. The land creation is permanent and could impact local politics.

23. A small horde of cats of all descriptions comes piling out of the hole. These are catbooks, and they contain various things - doggerel, histories, and occasionally spells and rituals.

24. 20 seconds after the bean is planted, there is a massive earthquake affecting 1 mile around the point. A fissure 2d6x100 yards/meters long opens centered where the bean was planted. It is 20' wide at its center and tapers to either side. 10% Chance or GM choice that something truly malevolent emerges from the rift.

25. A melon begins to grow, 1' diameter a minute until it reaches 10' in diameter. At this point it begins to rot rapidly and bursts revealing 5d4 Voracious_Slugs who will disperse.

26. A pit opens up at the point of burial, fairly quickly requiring those nearby to jump clear. The pit is a portal to somewhere very not nice. The portal remains open for 12 hours after which it closes forever. There is a 10% chance/hour something wicked will climb out of the pit.

27. All foliage within 500' is transformed into candy and other confections. It will last for up to 1 week, but likely far less due to the actions of humans and wildlife. It is likely to attract insects, possibly of the Giant variety. Actually, it certainly will.

28. A small hole opens. If someone reaches in or digs it wider, they find a small wooden box. Within the unlocked box is either a Ring of Disappearance or Wolve's Revenge.

29. A large tree grows supernaturally fast and bears a number of fruit: 2d4 very large melons, each one containing a random bottle of wine from 30 Bottles of Wine

30. A swarm of Dire Vines grows forth, creating a full-acre patch

31. Ants, thousands of ants, of all descriptions, begin to emerge and cover ground at a 1' radius/minute. Those who stay within the radius will be subject to many painful bites and nips. Effect duration is 1d6x1d6x1d6x1d6 minutes.

32. A hedge maze begins to grow out from the point of planting, eventually covering a 400'x400' area. There is only one exit and the hedge itself is tough, thorny, and toxic to touch. The hedges arch overtop to form a nearly solid canopy. Encounters include gargoyles, minotaurs and various chimera, as well as other animated statuary.

33. 1d3 animated solid-gold rabbits pop out of the hole, each weighing 2lbs. They are as fast as normal rabbits and significantly more difficult to ‘kill'. Once immobilized they become inanimate.

34. A small hole in the ground opens up, and Combusting Shrews will emerge at a rate of 1/second for 1d10 minutes. The shrews are somewhat mad, and prone to self-ignite.

35. Thick smoke billows out of the hole, forming a thick column reaching into the sky. The smoke is very persistent and will support being stepped on or grabbed. The smoke extends up 1000' feet before it begins to break up, and horizontally up to 1 mile.

36. A fountain producing drinkable water pops up from the ground, with marble cherubs spewing water from their mouths. The pool is 10' in diameter and coins tossed in have a 1% chance of providing a 1-day long 5% luck bonus. Any individual can only benefit once/day.

37. A cloud begins to form over the point and becomes big and dark. 5 minutes later a ridiculously intense thunderstorm will absolutely pound an area 1000' radius. Lightning is certainly possible, along with drenching rain and punishing hail. Low lying areas are subject to flash floods. After 10 minutes of hell, the storm disappears.

38. When planted, a Rage of the Forest will emerge and wreak havoc for 1-2 days before it wilts. It will be drawn to whatever location would create the most damage.

39. A stone statue of a fist holding a massive hammer bursts from the ground. All within 30' gain magnificent beards. Those already with beard receive a buff to strength that lasts 2d6 hours. Statue remains, though the magic is expended instantly.

40. A group of 2d4 Blood Spiders burst from earth around the point of planting. They will either be hostile (50%) or become servants of the planter. They will make this determination as a group, but will take 1 minute of posturing beforehand. If attacked before this point they automatically become hostile.

41. A geyser erupts from the point, which in turn has a power from the Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin. The geyser remains for 2d4 hours.

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