Full Item Description

Outwardly, this is a long wooden stick roughly shaped to look like a sword; the handle was clearly most worked at. The edge is too dull, of course, but at least is the wood made stronger with the magic it contains. While it can withstand the clash with steel, it generally makes a poor weapon.

The beauty of this item is its versatility. It can be a powerful weapon in a low-magic world, or a silly item in a high-magic one. (In fact, it could be used as a 'reward' to heroes - 'Well, I promised you a sword of fire, so what?')


It is not known anymore who made the first Sword of Fire, but many have been produced since then, thousands or tens of thousands, making it possibly the most often produced enchanted weapon at all. Logically, very few have been preserved until today. There are rumours of a powerful artifact that keeps its power permanently, but most enchanters dismiss it outright.

Magic/Cursed Properties

If the wielder concentrates a bit, and speaks a command word, the sword bursts in flames, making it an impressive and dangerous weapon. Against some enemies it is enough to present, some creatures are of course immune against fire.

The main problem is that the wooden item burns (well, that is the base of the effect!). After a use, it resembles not a long sword, but a medium-sized one. Then it becomes a short sword indeed, then a dagger, then... it is unusable. (However, the power can be evoked a last time, when it burns completely down.)

Note: Besides the last use, the wielder's hand is protected from the flame, but not much more, so watch out.

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