Full Item Description
This is a long thin bastard sword with a razor sharp single edge. It comes to a cut point, so it can stab as well. The handle and full hand guard are made of brass. The guard appears to be a stylized gryphon (symbol of the kingdom), the wings flowing around to form the full guard. The handle itself is a mix of turned brass twine and blue wrapped silk cord. The weapon has a small tassle of blue silk at the base.

These weapons were first commissioned upon the creation of the order, soon after the founding war. The original order were the King's trusted friends and skilled warriors. As time moved on, they became his bodyguards and trusted advisors, people he could count on. While the inner core of the Sovereign's Finest (the Gryphon Knights) still are, most of the members are detatched duty military.

Most Sovereign's Finest know battle magics and have some training in spell, but that is not a requirement. They might be bonded to their weapon or have laid spell matrixes in it (allowing for easy casting of certain effects).

The Weapons of a Grypon Knight is much like a Sovereign Finest's blade. The Gryphon on the guard is embossed with gold. Their tassel is blue and gold in color. However, may of them still weild their First Weapon on a regular basis, pulling out their Gryphon Knight Blade on special occasions and at court.

Magic/Cursed Properties
None, nope, nada.

If you are found wearing one of these without a really good reason in the kingdom, it is either the death penalty or a lot of hard time in the gaol.

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