Sovereign's Finest were created in the First Liberty War. They were the Crown's trusted friends, those that fought beside him. They were his advisors and self assigned bodyguards. In the lull between the First and Second Liberty War, they assisted him in building up the country, being his eyes, ears, hands, and mouth.

As the Second Liberty War was beginning, just after Culber's Gap, their numbers were expanded. Initially those new members were the sons (and one daughter) of the initial members and some nobles who proved true in the peace. When the battles began, the numbers expanded more as young soldiers proved their bravery, prowess, and intelligence, upon the field. (As their numbers swelled, becoming a full regiment, the core of the group became the Gryphon Knights, dedicated to protecting and advising the Crown directly).

Since the Second Liberty War the Sovereign's Finest have been the envoy's of the Crown, to the Sovereign's people and to foreign lands. Their distinctive weapons are the symbols of their rank and position. To ensure their capabilities, those accepted to the order (especially in these peaceful times) are trained at the Crown Colleges in the arts of diplomacy, warfare, magics (mostly battle magics), philosophy, and law. (They receive training in woodcraft, horsemanship, the shadow arts (stealth, breaking entering, tumbling), dancing, and courtly grace). Those that fail the training are normally accepted into the Army, Cavalry, or Naval Regiments as officers (since most were military personnel before and non officers, this is still an advancement).

On duty, most ride their circuits in groups of two to four, making judgements, officiating at events, hunting bandits, and scouting for possible border activity. (Some have stationary circuits based out of towns or even wards in the larger cities). They are also used to escort nobles and royals, accompany Embassies, guard the Gryphon Home (The Palace Grounds), and other 'jobs that require a special touch' for the Sovereign.

In times of war, they normally on detached duty, being messengers, supporting officers, and performing 'heroic and hazardous' missions. However, given the Claxon's Call, they will form up in their regiments and march forth.

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