Long and curved, the Soulbinder appears as a brilliantly glowing needle of, trailing a supple thread of sunlight. Yet, for all its beauty, it is subtly disquieting to look upon, a thing apart from the proper order of the world.

To create the Soulbinder, the light of the summer solstice is captured throughout that day inside an enchanted chamber of mirrors and lenses, blessed by the Bright God of Light, which collects and columnates the light. There, the light is held, and blessed daily by that Lord's Necromancers, Priests, and Paladins, until the day of the winter solstice, when the power of shadow is at its highest. On day, the light is released, its perfect, holy column passing through a curved tube of blessed glass, until it is drawn out in solid form by the prayers of the man to wield it, already trailing its sacred thread of light.

With the Soulbinder, the Necromancer is able to bind the retrieved spirit of the dead to their flesh once more, resurrecting them truly, as the soul is stitched to the heart. From this binding, the Accursed rarely arise, though it is not unknown.

Yet, it is not a trivial thing to wield the Soulbinder. To take up the needle without proper knowledge and blessing from Alabrin is to wield its magic without the ability to fetch the soul that is to be sewn. To attempt such without it invites error, to sew ones own soul to the corpse. This horrible mistake rends the soul itself when the bodies are seperated, leading to a blind, destructive rage as the new-made creature attempts to regain itself, though it is unable to find what it desires. Perhaps the most dangerous of all the undead, the Rent is unknowing and uncaring, lashing out with its flesh at all around it, no matter the condition of its physical body. Even should it be burnt to ashes, those cinders will strike with all the strength and fury of the dead, until the thread is severed by a Shadow Priest of sufficient power - and precious few of those exist.

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