Shrinkstools appear as large pale mushrooms with a stem flecked with specks of various colors. If watched carefully, the flecks will shift colors gradually. At night, the mushrooms give a faint bluish glow. Shrinkstools typically occur in patches of three to a dozen (3d4).

The Shrinkstools have a powerful magic as described by their name. If stepped on or otherwise seriously damaged, they release a blast of magic that will shrink any animal life within 10' to 1/6 its original size, and 1/12 the weight. This generates a distinctive ‘thump' and tends to attract nearby carnivores or intelligent species aware of the Shrinkstools effects.

The effects duration range greatly as follows

Die Roll

Second Roll


1d6 Minutes


2d6 Minutes


3d10 Minutes


1d6 hours


2d6 Hours


3d6 Hours

Shrinkstools can be carefully harvested without setting them off, and will retain their ability for four hours. When processed by folks skilled in Sylvan magics or Alchemy, they will remain potent for several months. In this form they can be used, carefully, as missile weapons, booby traps, or even as entertainment.

Biting into a potent Shrinkstool will also trigger its effects.

*Inspired subliminally by Lewis Carroll's work Alice in Wonderland

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