These rings were crafted long ago by the head of the Magesteel family. A noble family of known for great warriors and magesmiths. These rings are of great benefit for all classes, but especially Magic users. These rings have many appearences and thier command words vary just as much. This is due to the fact that they have been magically duplicated by many Mages over the centuries. These rings are greatly prized by dungeon delvers as their Magic user companions can regain thier spells much faster wielding it. However one must be most careful when using it, and know who they can trust(see powers)

Magical Properties:

These rings when placed on any finger instantly place the wearer into a form of magic stasis. When they awaken (by someone speaking the command word, even a Magic Mouth) be it 1 second or a dozen centuries; it will be as if the wearer had a full nights sleep (8 hours). However tis does not age the wearer faster if they wore the ring for less than that. The greatest danger of these rings is that some thing goes wrong and the command word is not said for years; for example the person putting on the ring doesn't know it's power or the person they task to wake them has the wrong command word.

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