This ring, when worn, allows the wearer to call to their hand a bottle of any type ranging in size from tiny perfume bottles (complete with plug) to large wine bottles. These bottles can be empty, or contain either water or cheap beer.

Trice per day, the wearer can have a bottle appear with the following liquids (and sizes) from the following list:

  • Spirits (Good) 40 oz
  • Wine (Good) 1 Magnum
  • Perfume (Common)
  • Oil - 1 Pint
  • Acid - 1 Oz

Once per week, a potion bottle can be summoned. This should be limited to common potions readily available in your world.

These bottles (and their contents) will last as long as held, or for up to 24 hours if released.

This item is an excellent source of short-term glass, water, cheap beer, and stuff for throwing at people. The larger bottles can make good improvised weapons in a pinch.

This item need not be a ring. It could be a tattoo, necklace, or even a blessing (curse) put on the user.

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