The Temple of the Golden King and Silver Queen boasts many lovely objects, but none so beautiful as the Mirror of the Star Children. Set into the floor in the exact center of the temple, it is one of the holiest relics of the church. Visitors and worshipers from all corners from the Kingdom of Light make pilgrimages to gaze upon it, though most do not understand why it is called a 'mirror'.


A perfectly round disk of star silver, slightly concaved to form a large, shallow basin. Its silvery-white surface has been polished to a glossy finish, and the basin swirls with light and color. During the day when the Golden King is in the sky, dancing colors like countless rainbows spin within the basin. Drawing near the Mirror, you can almost hear the sound of children's laughter and it brings great joy to those who view it. At night the colors calm and begin to shimmer like the aurora, as seen in only the coldest northern climes. Gazing at the swirling aurora will instill the viewer with a sense of profound peace, as if wrapped in a mother's embrace.

It is on the darkest nights, however, when the Silver Queen has left the sky, that the Mirror's true purpose is revealed. As the light clears to a gentle white, cold and clear, it becomes possible to look down into the Mirror and see one's own reflection.

The Gaze of the Star Children:

Clear and bright, the Star Children of the Divine Pair are numberless. Like all small children, they are exceptionally observant; their countless bright eyes see everything that transpires in the world below them. Being born into the darkness, they are especially good at seeing what is normally hidden in shadow -- be it the common dark of night or the darkness in men's hearts and minds. Their gaze is direct, innocent and unobstructed by prejudices either friendly or unfavorable.

Magical Properties:

While the Staff of the Golden King allows one to see the truth of one's blood and the Chalice of the Silver Queen reveals the truth of one's heart, the Mirror of the Star Children reveals knowledge that is perhaps the most difficult to accept: the truth of one's self. When looking into this mirror under starlight, you will see yourself as you truly are -- be it selfish, greedy, prideful or kind -- all of your strengths & weaknesses as viewed by an objective observer. The Mirror will communicate this in a way that the viewer cannot mistake: be it symbolism, emotion or visions of one's past actions. There is no way to misinterpret what one sees within this mirror, and the viewer is held spellbound until this understanding is reached.

Mercifully, these visions are private. Those who gaze into the Mirror will see only their own reflection, and none who accompany them will be able to see what the Star Children have to show the viewer.


Several hundred years ago, a particularly large falling star touched down in the Kingdom of Light and the Mortal-King ordered it brought to the Temple of the Golden King and Silver Queen as a gift. There the body of the Star Child was forged into three large mirrors. One remained in the Temple and one was sent to the King's palace, while the other was set into the square of the largest city of the kingdom, whose people had contributed much of the labor towards moving & mining the star. Tragically, the full power of the mirror was not then understood. On the first moonless night, the mirror attracted hundreds of people to the square and held them there, spellbound. When released, many fell to the ground wailing, while others were struck dumb for days. Some committed suicide on the spot, and others within several days. The more violent began to rent and tear at the metal, breaking the mirror into many small pieces. By morning, it had been completely dismantled and its pieces scattered across the realm.

In order to prevent further tragedy, the church restricted access to the Temple Mirror on moonless nights to a privileged few. Furthermore, none were allowed to gaze into the Mirror without an escort of at least two paladins.

The Mirror sent to the Mortal-King's palace resided there in a place of honor many years, before being moved to the Royal Treasure Chamber by an adulterous Mortal-King who could not bear to look at his own reflection every day. It has since faded from recollection.

Function in Society:

As part of the coronation ceremony of the Kingdom of Light, the new Mortal-King is secluded in the Temple with the Illuminator & Illuminatress, and the heads of both knightly orders. He must gaze into the Mirror and accept what is shown therein before receiving his crown.

Paladins of the church must spend a vigil alone with the Mirror before being admitted as full members of the Order.

In some rare cases, judges may condemn a criminal to look into the Mirror so that he or she may understand the justice being done them.

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