Full Item Description
These are a pair of worn leather boots with iron horseshoes awkwardly nailed to the bottom.

Created for humans who wanted to get more in touch with nature by hanging so badly that they would hassle centaurs, the beautiful fey horse-men and -women. These oots are known to turn the wearer into a centaur slowly and painfully. It is considered a wondeful ritual by some, and a cruel fate by others.

Some say these shoes created the first centaurs and were a gift from the Seelie Court to the first humans who showed a true interest in the natural world. Some have been touched by Unseelie Powers as well. The beatiful, yet exotically warped-looking, Unseelie version of the boot carries a curse that has been known to warp a human who wears them into a grotesque crippled were-horse.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Seelie Horse Shoes turn any human (and only a pure human) into a beautiful Centaur over the course of a week, they are a Fey gift so theres a catch: once donned they can only be removed by someone with great curse removing powers. They will transform the human even if they only happened by the odd boots by chance and had no intention of turning into a Centaur.

The Unseelie boots transform any of pure human blood into a horribly cursed were-horse. For as long as they wear the boots their head and upper body, including arms, will be that of an ugly horse. They can fix this state by removing the boots, but that may prove difficult with a horse's front legs and hooves instead of arms and hands.

On races other than pure humans the S0eelie boots can have a wide variety of effects: Elves become more beautiful with wild manes and shapelier features, Orcs become strong as a horse, and others become other odd things. However the Unseelie boots will twist a creatures features with no obvious benefits.

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