Be generic rather than specific.

Define the situation occuring.

Leave a space inbetween them.

Don't just read the list, add to it.

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1-In the catwalks above an opera stage, with the opera in progress below.

2-On a frozen river, with chunks of ice breaking away under your feet.

3-A flotilla of logs floating down a river.

4-Waist-deep in a stream

5-In the middle of a summoning circle, where a demon will be called if any blood strikes the ground. Better make sure to use the flat of the blade.

6-On a thread-bare rope bridge spanning a chasm

7-Inside the works of a clock tower

8-In the Great Library as it's being burned

9-In a wharfside warehouse, in a roped-off ring, surrounded by dozens of hard-nosed spectators screaming for blood

10-Construction scaffolding.

11-Under direct, heavy cannon bombardment.

12-On top of a careening stagecoach, in a low-overhang forest.

13-In a ship's rigging

14-Below-decks in a burning, sinking ship

15-Theatres in general: backstage, onstage, up and down the aisles... (with a full audience, of course)

16-In a dark street in the middle of the night

17-Blinding snow storm, where the wind is howling and there is a chance you could accidently either fall down the cliff or cause an avalanche.

18-On a stone staircase in a rapidly falling apart castle.

19-On the floor of a large ballroom after the villain has insulted the hero.

20-At a Mardi Gras or Carnival parade, jumping from float to float, running past groups of people, swinging from streamers.

21-In a Wax Museum after hours.

22-In a Topiary Maze

23-On a grassy plain in the middle of a stampede.

24-In a tottering old ruined castle during an earthquake.

25-From rooftop to rooftop in a flooded town.

26-In the city's slums during a massive fire.

27-An open field with snow 4 feet deep.

28-In the middle of a riot.


30-Boggy marsh full of sink holes.

31-In the trees with generous amount of swingable vines.

32-While wading to shore from a sunken ship where you were just fighting in the rigging.

33-A laundry (or dyer) house's backyard with sheets hanging out to dry all over.

34-Dense rolling fog in a briar patch.

35-Cornfield with long stalks.

36-Steep dirt embankment with every step causing a small avalanche of loose dirt and gravel.

37-During an earthquake.

38-Two horses galloping side by side.

39-Armorer/weaponsmithe shop. Ode to Pirates of the Carribbean.

40-Cooper's shop. Barrels to tip, climb on, throw, hoops and stock to throw and trip on. Heck, almost any shop.

41-On the drawbridge.

42-A fallen tree spanning a river/creek. Ode to Robin Hood.

43-Suspension bridge. Ode to Indiana Jones.

44-Wading across a swift flowing waist high river.

45-On a net full of goods being unloaded out of a ship by a crane.

46-While being levitated.

47-Middle of a lightning storm with swords (highlander action).

48-Dust storm.

49-In an orphanage

50-On a gently sloping tiled roof with loose tiles.

51-In a pitch black sewer with no light at all. The only way to determine the position of the enemy is by sound.

52-In a swamp, surrounded by alligators.

53-In a fire swamp. (Ode to Princess Bride).

54-Two people fighting on the back of a charging elephant. (Ode to Lord of the Rings film).

55-Or two people fighting on the back of a dragon.

56-In a narrow mountain pass with scree and a sheer drop on one side.

57-In a flour mill (flour dust is explosive).

58-Galloping through a forest.

59-In torrential rain (so heavy that you can barely see). Preferably a strong wind too.

60-In a tunnel or cave where the ceiling is only 3 1/2 to 4 feet high.

61-After a large explosion where you have been temporarily totally deafened and the smoke means visibility is poor.

62-In a forest near several large wasp nests.

63-In a 'hall of mirrors' at a fair.

64-Hanging from the undercarriage of a vehicle, at 70mph+.

65-In a kitchen full of frying grease. Include at least one source of open flame.

66-In an area with a different from normal number of spatial dimensions. (2D, 4D, more is conceptually painful)

67-Inside a sphere of defined diameter.


69-Sewers, during a time of heavy rain.

70-In an office building, during working hours.

71-In a bordello.

72-On the top of a crumbled set of ruins, hopping from column to column.

73-On the hands of a giant clock.

74-On a merry-go-round, or other amusement park ride.

75-From the backs of golems or giants... which are also fighting each other.

76-In a library (without disturbing the other readers),

77-In the temple of a god who abhors violence (just think of what s/he might do to prevent them from killing each other, to the extent of destroying the temple?),

78-On an assassins' training circuit (possibility of traps, sheer drops and other assassins...),

79-Against gnomes in amongst dense chest-high ferns.

Mine are more cinematic in nature, I would think...

80-In a stand of blackened trees half-sunken in desert sand

81-Atop a high stone hogback between to chasms in the mountains

82-On floating stone platforms in the eye of a massive magical vortex

83-On the bustling docks of a South Seas port

84-In a crystalline cavern. The crystals reflect large amounts of light.

85-In front of the Gates of the Underworld, as spectres call out to the fighters.

86-In a time-slowed chamber

87-In a rapidly dwindling magical air-bubble beneath the ocean

88-Within a giant crumbling skeleton

89-Within a giant mouldering corpse

90-Flaming Village

91-Cult gathering

92-Castle defense

93-While carrying something very breakable and very dangerous if broken (magic orb?).

94-While under fire from a longbowman sniper in the trees...or multiple snipers.

95-A dungeon crawl opened up a water resevoir and water is slowly filling the cave. Ode to eph.

96-On a large waterwheel trying to get to onto the building while it spins. (or windmill)

97-Night in an old graveyard with many large tombstones and statues that are in various stages of decay and are easy to destroy/knock over.

98-(Think western) Large ballroom type place, many (poker) small round tables and chairs scattered about, a balcony that surrounds the entire room, multiple chandeliers and their support ropes attached to walls on the first floor, and a few flights of stairs with slideable bannisters.

99-On a spaceship about to crash and only one escape pod left.

100-Two snipers trying to kill each other in a canyon full of stone pillars.

101-In a military base infested with aliens from the result of trans dimensional experimentaion. Ode to Halflife.

102-On a suspension bridge. Ode to Spiderman.

103-In the house of celebrity.

104-Fighting inside the Nuclear Missle Chamber of a Nuclear Submarine. Ode to Hunt for the Red October.

105-Fighting in the power core of a space station or palace. Ode to Star Wars.

106-In a brewery.

107-In a textile mill.

108-In the White House.

109-In Buckingham Palace.

110-In a TV studio while a show is on air live.

111-On the outside of a starship in a giant space battle.

112-High noon on a residential street in the subers.

113-In the Colussiuem with hundreds of thousands of people screaming for blood.

114-In the egineering room of ship in Hyperspace/Warp/Jumping.

115-In a pot party and everyone is stoned.

116-On a stone platform floating down a river of magma

117-On a raft zooming down an underground river

118-In the deserted ruins of a desert city

119-On the branches of a giant tree

120-Inside the works of a giant clockwork golem

121-On the end of a cliff at sunset (Good for duels.)

122-On a sinking ship that is also being peppered with fire arrows from an attacking pirate-ship

123-Within an ancient maze-like catacomb. Gaps in the bone-shelves allow one to see into other passages in the catacomb

124-In the main chapel of a grand cathedral, either during a raging thunderstorm with thousands of glowing candles, or during the daylight, with the stained-glass colors pouring in

125-On the back of a miles-long flying serpent

126-On the top tier of a gigantic tiered city

127-On mouldering, old, swaying rope bridges over a series of chasms and canyons

128-Within the Imperial Zoo (Don't get back against the tiger cage!)

129-At a wild Mardi Gras-esqe celebration, leaping from balcony to balcony over the street

130-In the muddy practice-ground of a fort being attacked by enemy forces, and it's raining very hard

140-It's another bad day for Tokyo Tower - Bonus points for following the tradition of destroying the tower.

141-A complex manufacturing facility: Lots of catwalks, thick wires, and pipes, floor 50+ feet below.

142-In the belly of a whale.

143-In a bowl of cheerios while shrunken. Someone is eating the cheerios.

144-In a colisium, in the middle of the giant, screaming crowd on the rafters. Bonus points for ninja style.

145-Astral space, on the site of some previous horrible occurance, on the order of magnitude of Hiroshima or Auschwitz.

146-On the slopes of an erupting vocano.

147-Inside a pool of magma.

148-Leaping cheap-kung-fu movie style from twig to twig on a lake.

149-In the eye of a tornado or hurricane (hurricane adds rain effect)

150-while the tornado is moving (so they have to keep up)

151-in a canyon or dessert filled with stone collumns while both fighters are under fire from third party sniper fire

152-fighters have water-walking ability and are figthing on the surface of a sea or ocean (waves must be considered)

153-in a pitch black or very foggy area, with loud clutter on the floor for fighters to give away their' positions on.

154-on a single raft moving down rapids (neither person wants to tip the boat)

155-in an underground military facility trying to avoid detection from cameras or military personnel

156-in a paradoxical room or stairwell that when you go out one entrance, you enter through the other side (or when you fall down the stairwell, you land back in the same place you fell from)

157-same thing, but with a crumbling floor and thin, breakable walls. (you should be able to see other versions of selves in adjacent rooms/levels)

158-Large and stable, but very fragile, bubble under water

159-chaos nexus (laws of physics keep changing)

160-In an ancient space-station of unidentifiable nature, having been teleported from the surface. For fantasy, it's a 'city of the gods', for sci-fi, it's 'forerunner relics'.

161-On a stair-step waterfall

162-On a huge staircase carved into a mountainside

163-On a cloud, while sky spirits look on

164-In a magical arena of floating stone islands and acid, being jeered or hailed by the crowd, made up of demons and gods

165-Hanging from a near-endless ladder in an underground chasm

OR hanging from a severed rope bridge over a swirling river with crocodiles, a la Temple of Doom

166-In a forest at fall, with leaves swirling down in a windstorm

167-On the treetops of a tropical jungle

168-In a swirling wind of metal razors, and the only defense are stone pillars that shield one from the flying death

169-On the rooftops of a Japanese fortress with a full moon.

Conversely, on the rooftops of ANY fortress with a full moon.

170-In the home of a drunkard in a stupor, and he musn't be woken.

171-Underneath the feet of a titanic millipede

172-On small fisherman's rafts floating on a gulf during a naval battle

173-In a box canyon on the far edge of the universe (Red vs. Blue)

174-At the bottom of a slag-shaft while flaming wreckage falls around you

175-In a mine-pit while slaves are digging

176-Amidst rows and rows of terracotta soldiers

177-On the shoulders of a titanic statue

178-At the steps of the Gates of Heaven

179-Within the works of a robot factory

180-On the back of a huge robot spider-mech (thanks Halo 2)

181-On a grassy hill with endless meadows all around; however, the sky is black, the sun is purple, and the grass is blue. One's senses are warped.

182-On the metal grill of a Dwarven ore-furnace, and the gas is hissing

183-Next to a giant spider web, with the giant spider looking on.

184- In a royal throne room,quietly as niether fighter wants to attract the attention of the royal guards.

185-In a ship in a storm

186-On a rapidly disintigrating iceberg

187-On top of a heap of treasure

188-In the Barrow Downs, with the sun setting and the wights about to come out

189-In a dream...the loser of the fight will never wake up

190-In 10 Downing Street

191-In a boat heading towards a huge waterfall

192-In a police station,without attracting the attention of the police

193-In a spacecraft that is heading towards an asteroid field

194-In an armoury full of swords, shields, spears and crossbows

195-A fight against a pair of executioners to stop them from pulling the gallows lever and hanging your best friend

196-A fight where both combatants, who are psi-mages, are using only the power of their minds against each other to try and damage each other's brains

197-In a military camp without alerting the sentries

198-In the pocket of a giant

199-In a pool of quicksand

200- Balanced on tombstones in a graveyard where the dead are stirring - if the combatants step on the ground, the zombies will sense the vibrations and claw at their feet.

201- On the top of a stone circle (think Stonehenge) - in the midst of a druidic ritual.

202- At the bottom of a very narrow, icy chasm - if the combatants slip, they slide further down the chasm.

203- In a slaughterhouse.

204- On scaffolding around a partially-built skyscraper.

205- In the belltower of a cathedral while the bells are ringing - every ring of the bells causes the combatants to go temporarily deaf.

206- In a hot air balloon - mind the ropes and the burner...

207- Out in the middle of a frozen lake with a sleeping lake-monster beneath it.

208- In an apothecary's workshop, filled with precariously balanced potions that have dangerous and often humorous effects when overturned...

209- Loose ground over a poorly-dug mine shaft, where any wrong step could result in a collapse.

210-A trapped room with the walls (or ceiling) slowly closing in.

211-In a burning house (despite the old quotation).

212-While falling down a bottomless pit (Ode to Lord of the Rings).

213-In the rusty wreckage of an old warship, rife with unexploded ordinance.

214-While hanging from the skids of a helicopter.

215-Depths of an active coal mine - watch the sparks!

215-In a forest of puffballs where if they are cut, the combatants get infested with itchy fungus that spreads when scratched

216-In a giant's pocket

217-Backstage at a music concert

218-In an antique shop where the winner has to pay for the smashed antiques

219-In orbit wearing spacesuits and armed with blow-torches

220-A fight could break out while walking on water via some magical, technological, or martial arts agency (Remember Remo Williams: 'How did you do that?' 'You must run very, very fast!')

221-A running battle on Jet Skis

222-Within a crowded wagon or bus

223-In a window warehouse, with pallets loaded with doors and windows precariously stacked 25' high

224-Atop (or within) a slowly sinking, capsized ship (Ode to Poseidon)

225-In a cannibals' butcher shop (Ode to The Picture in the House)

226-On an icy rooftop during a driving sleet storm

227-Hanging from ropes in a shaft or sinkhole

228-In a crowded day-care center or hospital nursery (Ode to Hard Boiled)

229-In the stiflingly hot interior of a hot air balloon

230-Within a wind tunnel (Ode to Operation Condor)

231-Above a ravenous army of undead (Ode to Resident Evil)

232-In a chamber full of lethal nerve gas

233-Under 3+ Gravities (Acceleration or somewhere heavy)

234-On the back of a flying dragon/other winged beastie. (Ode to Shadow of the Colossus)

235-Atop a speeding train (Ode to Indiana Jones)

236-In the boobie-trapped house of a psychopath (a la Saw or The Devil in the White City)

237-On the backs of elephants/other large beasties. During a stampede.

238-On stage, during a climactic fight scene.

239-Waist-deep in a river, with a dam about to burst upstream

240-Atop the dam about to burst.

241-In a cave full of agitated bats. Knee deep in guano.

242-On a raft in a lake of mercury in an ancient tomb

243-In a fancy restaurant, just ouside the private room where a powerful and ruthless Mobster is discussing business

244-In a hall of funhouse mirrors

245-On a frozen lake, on horseback, surrounded by hundreds of other fighters. (Actually happened in 6th-Century Sweden)

246-On the back of a sleeping sea-monster. It will submerge if woken.

247-In a shack being stormed by undead, their hands reaching through the walls, ready to grab anyone who gets too close.

248-On the stairs of an Aztec-style pyramid. Keep in mind that A.) each step is uncomfortably high, and B.) they were used for human sacrifice.

249-Inside an Aztec-style Ball Court.

250-A Pirate Ship. Half a mile inland. Covered in Marching Barnacles. Going over hilly terrain.

251-Two words: Log Rolling.

252-On a race track, with chariots/cars headed for you at breakneck speed.

253-In a gladiatorial arena. Right before a bunch of innocents are about to be fed to lions.

254-Atop a broken jeep/other vehicle in a desolate savannah, being hounded by wild dogs who can't quite leap onto the roof.

255-An oyster bed at low tide. You'll be needing good shoes, and try not to trip.

256-In a canyon infested with these things.

257-Inside a Nuclear reactor (during meltdown maybe?)

258-Inside a glue factory

259-Orchestra pit, amidst instruments, stands, and performers, while the conductor is so absorbed in his music he doesn't see you

260-Domestic animal pen: pigpen or chicken coop (flying feathers and squealing pigs everywhere)

261-While defusing a nuclear bomb

262-Brawl on top of a minefield

263-In a landfill, with more garbage threatening to burry you

264-In a level 4 biolab, where a scratch in the hazmat suit is fatal

265-In a cryogenic freezer/ starship cryogenic sleeping bay, while its getting colder and colder

266-During a multiple meteor strike

267-In a soon-to-open airlock, with no spacesuits (Aliens)

267(2)-in an opened airlock, with no spacesuits

268-While white-water rafting

269-In an insect research lab (any broken box releases thousands of flies, scorpions, spiders, etc...)

270-While you have some sort of dead man's switch pressed: release means death (mine, reactor control, grenade, etc...)

271-In a public swimming pool

272-In window-cleaning lifts on a skyscraper

273-Sewage treatment plant

274- Inside a Dyson sphere (thanks Freelancer) (for humans, it would be nearly impossible to get your bearings)

275-With no weapons in a department store: creativity is your only hope (think Jumanji, gremlins, etc...)

276-In the back of a limo, with a dead driver, at high speed, facing a cliff or similar doom...

277-Hacker duel over the internet with each other on webcams : who will get the other's server root password first...

278-True swordfight to the death in the middle of a medieval re-enactment

279-Inside a recently dug grave (Hamlet)

280-At the door of a plane, in flight, over the last parachute (classic)

281-While freefalling with only one parachute for two, also in freefall

282-Inside the Grinder

283-While able to sense one your opponent's every moves and he yours ( through a psychic link, or a an implant, or magic...)

284 - On the surface of a planet with temperature near Absolute Zero.

285 - In a chamber waist-deep in fuel. Again, watch the sparks!

286 - In a huge, very expensive, climate-controlled server room. All white and well-lit with banks of servers, deafening air conditioning and raised floor.

287 - In a newly constructed Egyptian style tomb, with huge blocks being placed to seal it in.

288 - While tied to an anchor, sinking deep into shark-infested waters...

289-In a US Gas Chamber with the gas coming out (watch out for sparks)

290-in a courtroom

291-at a wedding

292-on the set of a James Bond film with real guns

293-in the back of Santa's sleigh high above the rooftops

294-in a hospital

295-in a nightclub without attracting the attention of the twenty meathead bouncing staff that if disturbed will attack both combatatants

296-a non-deadly fight to stop someone with chickenpox from scratching him/herself

297-On a stage, during a performance, while the audience thinks you are part of the play

298-With the two combatants trapped inside a sarcophagus

299-Total darkness, in a small, locked, barren room with no windows, with a knife somewhere on the floor.

300-on a desert island, having just been shipwrecked (trap building galore!)

301) In an asteroid processing ship, in the large processing area (where rotating lasers are chopping up asteroids) while wearing Vac Suits and possibly EVA gear. It would be more fun without the EVA gear.

302) In the hallway, starting an equal distance from each other, with the last LifePod door open and in the center.

303) The sun is just rising over the hills, spilling light upon the hills and field. Light snow fluries and fresh powder are everywhere. It is silent enough that you can hear each other raggedly breath from the bitter cold.

304) On the 30th floor of an unfinnished high rise. It is mostly finished, but still open in places. And there are tools everywhere.

305) On the riggings of a tall masted sailing ship. This is different from 13, as the ship is under attack and possibly on fire. You need to get off or away before the powder magazine goes.

306) In a room with a magical vortex. A gate has opened and the winds are swirling... eventually things will start whirling around as well. Take too long, and 'things' will start comming out of the gate point.

307) Among a library of stone stella. Each Stella has a proverb or holy text upon it. It would be cool if a poetically appropriate one was struck on every missed attack.

308) In a Circa 1960s/70s computer room with the lights at half (a common occurance to keep both heat and costs down). You have aisles and aisles of refrigerator computers and readers. It is a rat maze. You have the constant computer noise, the clacking of printers, large fan hold text printouts spilling out (and if tripped over making quite a mess) stacks of memory disks in cartridges (disks were about he size of LPs... oh wait.. about 12-16' in dimeters and about a half inch thick. Often time they were kept in linked stacks of 10). And punch cards are everywhere, including the floor so don't run and don't disturb the packs. Oh and did we mention the punch tape? There was a ton of paper in computer rooms of this era. Accidently or on purpose knock over a few bins and there is a lot of footing issues here. Oh and the Cables on the floor, they were not always duct tapped down. Time Travel is fun. Also imagine that the entire computing power of the room is about the same as one server blade.

309) You are in the display of a holo play (the 23rd century of a movie). You have the holograms going on with stories, obscuring your views. You can pass through holograms, but they are high energy, so they can produce burns and heated metal.

310) In a full sized shadow play. These puppets are nearly full sized. You have the play going on for a while, the mannequins to be interference, and all those strings. Of course, you will cause a riot and someone will knock over over some candles and start a fire against one of the big curtains.

311-Amongst the thermal springs, geysers and pools of Yellowstone National Park without getting caught by the rangers. One step wrong and you could end up falling into scalding water.

312-On a rapidly rotating asteroid close to the Sun-take too long, and you will end up being fried despite your spacesuit

313-On an escalator

314-With a tsunami coming and limited time to win and escape to higer ground

315-In an area filled with hornet's nests

316-in the shadow of a ship, VERY close to the sun, in space suits. If you come out of the shadow, the sun's radiation will be enough to destroy your suit, depressurising it.

317-in the vomit comet!

318-In shark infested waters: first blood drawn wins.

319-Fight between thieves beneath the king's bed, having met during a robbery...(while the king is sleeping in it, of course)

I will throw out...Incarnadine's awesome two-dimensional battle on a tomb wall! Malicious Archeology

321. Aboard or beneath a whirling roller coaster.

322. In a large pit, used as a mass grave and filled with bodies in various states of decay.

323. In a large bakery, filled with pies and pastries.

324. In a waste treatment plant, with pipes and machinery full of raw sewage.

325. On top of a dam.

326. Within a heavily-guarded vault, filled with rare works of art.

327. Under a bridge, with explosives wired to each of the bridge's supports.

328. In a "Tank Farm", surrounded by huge tanks of gasoline.

329-On a mountain top

330-In a warm spring which gets hotter and hotter the closer to the center that you go

331-In the eye of a hurricane

332-Backstage at a concert

333-On a funeral pyre, with flaming torches all around, and if one is knocked over it will ignite the pyre

334-In a toxic waste dump

335-In a prison cell

336-In the captain's cabin of a pirate ship,without alerting the crew

337-On a conveyor-belt heating towards some cutting machinery

338-In a tar-pit

339-In a dinosaur museum amongst the huge skeletons

340-In a plane

341-With nurilizers from the "Men In Black" film-the loser loses his/her memory

342-In a mental hospital

343-Whilst diving above a coral reef.

344-In a mosquito-infested area so both fighters get badly bitten

345-In a giant mosquito bite that has been scratched into a crater.Every now and then a giant hand comes down and scratches the area hard.

Inside a turkish steam bath, blades dancing and figures darting amidst fat old men in their birthday suits

347 - In a haunted house. Not the supernatural kind, but the kind with animatronics, black light, wierd sounds, and so on.

348 - After being reduced to a child (yet with your adult skills and knowledge), in a playground or better yet in the plastic playplace/ play structure.

349 - In an automated carwash, trying to get to or defend a car (with something valuable inside it).

350 - During a windstorm in a forest of tall trees. You can hear the cracks of branches above you break. Randomly things will fly towards you or drop from the sky.

351- In a department store at night with limited light, manniquins, and sporting goods.

352 - An underground parking garage that is mostly empty of cars. If you have hotwiring skills, you can impromptu a weapon.

353 - In a giant multistory record store, with innocents in the way, some minor rock star signing autographs (with associated crowd), and people occasionally dancing to the tunes over the loudspeakers.

354 - Under the stage of a big stage production. Things will be rising and lowering, automatic motion will be occuring, and so on.

355- On a patio overlooking a pool and a hill side (things to fall into or down).

361) Cavern Complex

*Darkness can be a real problem for characters in deep caves. Torches and muzzle flashes are often the only illumination.

*The warrens of interconnecting tunnels are great for ambushes and running battles.

*Swarms of bats might be a severe distraction or possibly even an assailant if controlled by magic or other supernatural means.

*Certain caverns and tunnels are flooded with water, allowing for cool underwater fights in tunnels and caves while desperately trying to find air.

*Stalactites can be shot or cut from the ceiling, falling to impale characters.

Stalagmites can be nasty if anyone falls, or is thrown on them.

*Certain tunnels and caverns might feature huge and potentially fatal drops onto rock, stalagmites, or pools of water.

Things can be hidden in cavern complexes, including secret hide-outs, ancient temples, and so on.

362) Hardware Store/Warehouse (okay Home Depot)

Hardware stores come in a number of different shapes and sizes, from the small mom and pop business to the mid-sized home and garden store to the vast warehouse type home centers (e.g. Ace, Home Depot, etc . . .). The location you choose is going to have a huge effect on the way the fight runs. Small stores tend to be very cramped, with little room to move, plenty of close combat, and lots of collateral damage. In contrast, the large warehouse type stores are so big that you could conceivably stage a car chase inside of one. In general, the small stores are ideal for small fights, when you want the characters to mix it up tight with each other. The big stores are great for larger combats, when you want your players to take on hordes of mooks and engage in some flashy destruction. Either way, any hardware store should be paradise for Techie characters, who should be encouraged to engage in some A-Team style kit bashing if at all possible. Tools and wonderful tools all adapted to combat.

363) Sex Shop

*Racks of whips, chains and padlocks in the fetish and bondage sections make handy impromptu weapons, and are useful for entangling mooks.

*Paired Dildos! A martial artist could fight with a dildo in each handy. Many dildos would make intimidating impromptu weapons, especially huge oddly shaped ones that resemble fists, or are covered in studs.

*Lubricant gels and oils can be strewn across the floor causing mooks to slip and slide.

*A mook could be blinded by having an eyeless fetish mask jammed over his head.

Bondage gear, such as leather straps and chains, can be used to truss up an opponent.

*Characters can fight on or around bondage frames, entangling close combatants when they try to attack.

Rubber apparel can be stretched taut and used as a handy catapult or trampoline.

*A sadistic or masochistic customer might really 'enjoy' getting in on the action, leaping into the fray in full fetish gear, armed with a whip (or other nefarious sex tool).

364) Sky-Diving

A fight breaks out on an airplane, the action could continue on the outside in a number of different ways. Ranged combat works, but hand to hand could be interesting.

365) Slaughterhouse

The floor of the slaughterhouse is covered here and there with patches of slippery blood (and that's even before the fight starts).

*Metal benches and freezer unit doors provide excellent cover.

*There are plenty of sharp knives, meat cleavers and meat hooks lying around, just begging to be used as weapons.

*A mook will probably be 'hung' on a nearby meat hook.

*Hanging carcasses can be used as cover, thrown at targets, swung or pushed to knock over mooks.

*Mooks can be thrown on the buzz saw blades that are part of the work surfaces, or a hero's head can slowly, inexorably, be forced down towards the spinning blade during a struggle with a villain.

*A frozen leg can make an impromptu club.

Mooks can be beaten into a freezer unit and locked in.

366) Ski Resort

There are a lot of things to do and places to have said fight in a Ski Resort. Inside the lodge, always fun. On the roof of the lodge, with its steep sloap could add a number of dex challanges. In the woods around the lodge allows for a tree filled game of hide and seek for the random death. On the lift (or gondula) present lovely falling challanges. On the runs themselves will allow people to make their skill checks and avoid the normals.

*Keep in mind the lovely penalties for snow, doing things while sking or bundled up, darkness, and maybe having to do this secretly.

367) T.V. Station

Equipment, wires, and the world going on. And we all know that the fight will be broadcast. Talking Heads might be running the commentary.

368) Steam Bath/Sauna

Words like hot, wet and misty spring to mind: white tiled rooms full of hot fog, people wearing only towels around their hips and shoulders, discussing 'business'.

369) Strip Club

Strip clubs have all the ingredients necessary for a stylish and exciting fight: loud music, flashing, colored lights, dark, confined spaces, and, of course, a lot of half-naked women (at least this would seem to be essential, judging by the number of movies that manage to work in a scene in a strip club). In fact, a strip club is essentially a bar with a stage and dancers, though the specifics vary from club to club. The fun part is, the action might not stop when the fight starts.

370) Nightclub

Although all nightclubs basically serve the same purpose, i.e., a place for people to drink and dance, they vary tremendously in size, layout, location, appearance, clientele, and virtually everything else. They range from small, underground basement clubs to large, upscale discotheques to bars with dance floors and live music. Clubs cater to a wide variety of tastes, so part of setting a scene in a club is deciding what kind of club it will be. The location and the music will largely determine who patronizes the club. Hip-hop, house, techno, industrial, Latin, modern rock, and even country-western are some of the choices, and thus the crowd will range from college students to yuppies to punks, Goths, and more. Seedier clubs can also have their share of gangsters, lowlifes, and other dangerous types. The one thing all clubs have in common is that they're dark, filled with loud music, and crowded with people.

371-Backstage at a pop concert

372-Both combatants are disguised as other people

373-in a boxing ring

374-in a park at dawn. Both fighters have a pair of flintlock pistols.

375-In a military base,avoiding the sentries.

376- On stage and in the rafters of a theater while a play is being performed. It is important that the show be uninterrupted.

377- In the dumping ground for the local mage's guild: oddly discolored parts of the ground could help or hinder the combatants

378- In a brewery. Large vats of liquid and all the barrels you can throw! Plus, alcohol can be quite flammable.

379- On the rooftops of an ancient village that was until now protected from the ravages of time. Rooftops crumble and balconies give way, showering the ground with crushing stones.

380- Inside the mind of an intelligent item. Catching a ride on the train of thought of an intelligent sword, and having to dodge all the pointed thoughts while still focusing on the fight.

381-on a battlefield against a traitor who is trying to *frag* you

382-In your own head against something trying to possess you

383-In a skating rink wearing skates

384-In a kitchen (lots of things to use as weapons there)

385-In the lookout's tower of a ship

386) The City Park

This is a boulevard downtown park. It is mostly an open area, three city blocks long, half a city block wide. (Traffic comes down 4th st, splits to go around the park, and remerges at the end of the park. ) It is an open valley in a canyon made of tall buildings (One huge hotel, two banks, an insurance company, a cathedral, and one edge of a convention center.

It has a few trees along the side. It has some grassy areas, but is mostly paved over. There is adaquite lighting via low brightness lamps along the paths in the park. The two features that are interesting are band pavillion and the fountains.

Band pavillion is a covered placae where music can be played. The audience can be immediately around them on a paved area, or out in the grassy areas to the back. There is a sound system linked to the pavillion. A few of the lights along the walkways in the grassy areas have (small) speakers to help project the sound.

The fountains are 48 pillars that are randomly dispersed through a small plaza. The pillars are about 2 feet on a side, about 5 to 7 feet tall. It is actually dry most of the time. There are some uplights in the fountain plaza making it easier to traverse at night. When the fountains are turned on, there are semi-random geysers from the tops of the pylons and in a few other places. The fountains are normally turned on for special summer days or special occasions. (Some of the water streams are lighted, so it makes for a beautiful display at night). On very special occassions, someone synchs the fountains with a piece of music, usually played by a band or recording on the pavillion.

You are in a gritty running street battle late at night. you break into the park. For some reason, the fountains go off. You have pillars to hide behind. You have odd dramatic lighting. Then the rain/ wet happens. Your gunfight becomes a ballet of death set to Swan Lake (or classical piece of your choice).

387) Falling from a great height, wrestling opponent for a magical item to save you (ring of feather fall, teleport crystal, density field generator)

389) In an evil alchemist's laboratory

390) In a rickety hut while stirges (or some other flying/leaping nasty) swarm outside.

391) While magically shrunk to mere inches in height in the center of a bustling street

392) On fence the heart of a stampede

393) In the den of a sleeping tiger

394-On a frozen lake

395-In a dragon's lair without waking the dragon

396-Against a flying spell book that spits lightning bolts at you

397-On a crumbling iceberg that will soon fall apart

398-Both fighters are stuck in a pool of quicksand

399-Amongst the hives of a beekeeper-be careful not to knock them over

400-Near a wedding,without disturbing it.

401 - With bare hands or bladed weapons while both combatants are under the influence of powerful hallucinogens.

402 - Anywhere on, in or above an airship. Bonus points if the ship uses hydrogen instead of helium. ('Up' did this very well.)

403 - Around a fireplace in the dead of the night, middle of the woods. While beset by wolves, of course.

404 - A Wuxia archer duel, where the combatants have a limited number of arrows to kill each other.

405 - Inside the zoo enclosure for chimpanzees

406 - Assassin duel in the middle of London, while avoiding surveillance cameras at all costs. (London has the greatest surveillance camera density of any city in the world)

407 - With both combatants fighting to the death while their hands are tied behind their backs. (In a holding cell, POW camp, etc...) So they'll have to bludgeon or bite each other to death.

408 - In a temple while a horrible ritual is being performed.

409 - In a graveyard while hordes of undead are pulling themselves out of the ground. The longer you stay, the more there will be.

410 - A chamber that's slowly flooding, possibly with acid or lava.

411 - Against a clearly superior opponent who is chasing you through a maze.

412 - Onboard an airship that's about to make a crash-landing.

413 - Against a swarm of identical looking opponents, one of which is the mastermind behind the whole thing.

414 - On a battlefield while arrows, cannon-fire or meteors are raining down around you.

415 - In a special zone that absorbs any magic used in the area, putting the energy to some other use.

416 - Two fighters on a tightrope walk.

417 - On top of a golf cart with candle sticks. Golf balls in the cart below.

418 - Old lady with knitting needles.

419 - Combatants have extremely long fingernails. On a roof.

420-On the Big Wheel of a funfair

421-When both combatants are on motorbikes

422-With several living dinosaurs nearby-they are plant eaters but will still lash out if anyone gets to close

423-Against a carnivorous plant

424-In a crematorium

425-On a large flying carpet

another long list a lot of overlap but a bunch dif

426-In a changeling hive (think My Little Pony)

427-In a cave full of vampire bats

428-On a rock floating through red hot magma and slowly breaking up

429-In a judicial duel in front of three judges

430-On a conveyor belt going towards a crusher

431-In a crematorium with the flames winking up row on row and a short time to escape being burned alive.